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Ελλάδα - Greece

Ministry of Education
Deputy Director of division for Vocational School Guidance and Innovative Actions
37 Andrea Papandreou Street
EL-15180 Maroussi, Athens
Tel.: 00 30 210 344 2225

Magdalini Margariti Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Directorate for European Union Affairs
37 Andrea Papandreou Street
EL-15180 Maroussi, Athens
Tel.: 00 30 210 344 3631

Events in Greece

Projects in Greece

Activities of the Centre for Environmental Education of Edessa

The Centre for Environmental Education of Edessa is the coordinating body of the National Thematic Network titled "Water and sustainable development" and is working towards the creation of ways of communication among pupils on local, regional and national level. Through the exchange of information, pupils can work on matters of local interest, thus promoting innovative ways of dealing with them. The Centre has already completed a series of events including the water cycle and the correct use of water, local spas, water and waste treatment, fisheries, interactive water games, water and religion, water sports, water and art, the music of water and has also provided education material concerning the afore mentioned projects.


Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

More information: project file


KIDS’ GUERNICA - International Children’s Peace Mural Project

The KIDS’ GUERNICA International Children’s Peace Mural Project was inspired by the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso who painted “Guernica” out of protest against the brutal bombing of the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. The main purpose of the KIDS’ GUERNICA project is to promote peace consciousness among people in the world through paintings realised on huge
canvases (of the same size as Picasso’s Guernica 3.5 x 7.8m). These paintings are created by children, youth and adults in different places around the world. Through these paintings, children convey powerful messages of peace with their creativity and imagination.


Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Arts & Creativity Industry


Website of the project: www.poeinkaiprattein/kids-guernica,


More information: project file


Panhellenic Competition for Innovative Software for the protection of the environment

The National Student Contest for the Creation of Innovative Software "" was a success! Greek students from all over Greece participated and created innovative proposals, which were designed to digitally protect the environment in Europe.

The aim of the competition was to awaken the environmental conscience of Greek university students, to highlight the contribution of technology to environmental protection, to encourage students to put into practice their knowledge and to free their creativity: to innovate.

The participants that won in the competition were rewarded with prizes totalling 16.000 €. A special event was held on Monday, December 14 at the Institute of Fine Arts & Music. The event was introduced by: EU Commissioner, Viviane Reding, responsible for Information Society and Media, the Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion, Anna Diamantopoulou, Mr Michael Bletsas, Researcher and Director of Information Technology, MIT Media Lab, Mr. Diomedes Spinellis, Secretary General of Information Systems Department Finance.


Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Arts & Creativity Industry


Website of the project:


PRO-CHANGE: Innovative Pan-European Structures for Managing Economic Change and Restructuring at the Local Level

The PRO-CHANGE project aims to increase local stakeholders’ capacity in dealing with economic changes and anticipating socio-economic restructuring. The project has created collaboration networks at regional and transnational levels in order to transfer knowledge and capitalise on the lessons learnt from past initiatives funded through the ESF, as well as to add value to existing structures and strategies. For that purpose Coordination and Support Structures have been established in the local authorities participating in the project (Thessaloniki, Lucca) that enable better diffusion of good practices and  coordinate change management actions more effectively.


Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Education and Training, Business and entrepreneurship, Public administration


Website of the project:


More information: project file


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