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Nederland - Netherlands

Fleur Lagcher,
Deputy Head of Unit EU Affairs
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science | International Policy Department
Rijnstraat 50, P.O.Box 16375
NL-2500 BJ The Hague
Tel.: 00 31 70 412 2176; 00 31 6150 38 152


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Creativity2Business creates partnerships with the objective to solve corporate problems by using creativity and creative experts (individuals from art and cultural institutions). The projects implemented focused on social innovation, knowledge management, communication, and collaboration. The input of artistic values appears to be highly valuable. At the end, such partnerships create added values for both parties, by fostering mutual learning and allowing the development of interesting opportunities. Concerned with the lack of proactive interactions between the cultural sector and the business community, Creativity2Business tries to create, develop and stimulate partnerships between them.


Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Arts and Creativity Industry, Science, Research and ICT, Society, Education and Training


Website of the project:


More information: project file


Culture Card

Culture Card aims to reinforce current policies to stimulate cultural participation and reach out to more people. Implemented by the government in 2008, the project mission is to facilitate both access to and participation of young pupils/students in cultural activities. Young people will not only be educated in arts and culture, but also take part in cultural activities and become acquainted with one or more art forms.


Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Arts & Creativity Industry


Website of the project:,


More information: project file


IdSpace Project

Currently, innovation processes rely on a large variety of tools that are used mostly independently of each other. As a consequence, past efforts are hardly taken into account, and little or no attention is paid to the context in which the ideas arose. The idSpace project seeks to remedy this situation by researching solutions that allow designers of innovative products to collaborate with each other, but most importantly to elaborate ideas and designs that have emerged earlier on, in previously held sessions with their own group or even in other groups. This is achieved through a dedicated platform. The idSpace platform features an integrative toolset that will allow a distributed team of innovators to collaboratively create new ideas (e.g. mind mapping, SCAMPER), and offer informal learning opportunities.

Main sector: Arts & Creativity Industry / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project:


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