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Culture as a Resource for the Countryside

The KULMA project (Culture as a Resource for the Countryside) promoted the creation of innovative local cultural strategies in 21 municipalities and small towns in Southwest Finland. The project used ‘future’ workshops to create common cultural strategies as a basis for strengthened and more unified innovative cultural activities. The common cultural strategies could be used as a departure point for each individual cultural activity, thus strengthening both the individual actors and common welfare. This led to increased co-operation and new activities and cultural products, all of which, in turn, created social welfare for small, local communities.


Main sector: Public administration / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry, Society


Website of the project:


More information: project file


Fotorally Euro Slam

The Fotorally Euro Slam project is anchored in local cultural institutions that represent sectors of cultural life, especially those found in local suburbs, often underrepresented in the main cultural institutions. It is an international project with a vision to enhance the understanding of European cultural diversity. The project was initially run as a four-country collaboration and it has now developed an interactive, thematically organised internet database of photographs. The main targets are immigrants, pensioners, and other elderly citizens. It is run as a bottom-up, participatory project meaning that citizens can respond to a photograph with another one on the same theme, and thus explore local differences and similarities in the understanding of everyday life.


Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry


Website of the project:


More information: project file


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