Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

Dance choreographer

My message

Less is more.

What is most precious for me

Life is change and the experience of sharing. Develop a sense of justice, compassion and love.

Milestones in my life

Who influenced me

All those people I shared experiences with in my family and in my work. In good times and bad times.

All the teachers I had. People that were willing to share their knowledge and experience. To be a great teacher does not depend on the amount of knowledge you possess, but on the ability of sharing it.

Decisive experiences and events which shaped the path of my life

The birth of my children. More than anything else this has changed my perspective on life and my perception of past, present and future.

Entrepreneurship, leadership

Great leaders are people who are willing to listen, follow and share.

What I like to do

Everything in the arts that searches for a sense of beauty, that raises questions on the totality of the human experience, this endless search of trying to understand our very nature and existence.

My major achievements

The performances I created with so many other artists out of the wish of unifying beauty, taking our bodies – the most universal and most individual at the same time – as a first tool to communicate. I consider this a celebration of life.

The founding of P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), an international educational project. A school is a place where past, present and future come together. But I always ask: Which experiences do you want to pass on to a new generation?


Address: Rosas, Van Volxemlaan 164, 1190 Brussels
Phone: + (32) 2 344 55 98
Fax: + (32) 2 343 53 52

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Logo: European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker