Áron Losonczi


Innovation = possibility

After I got a university degree, innovation offered me a possibility to start my own way. A way not trodden by others and where I can be the first.

It also gave me the possibility to become independent: and as an entrepreneur my fate depends only on my own creativity. Innovation gives me now subsistence, and I can offer job to others.

Milestones in my life

I got my degree from architecture in Budapest, in 2001. Currently I am not working in that profession, but instead I am managing my own enterprise in Hungary, which is engaged with the development of my invention named Litracon – the Light Transmitting Concrete. This is a new construction material, which, thanks to the built in optical fibres transmits light, while preserves the constructional characteristics of concrete. The novelty in this invention is that we could concentrate two opposite things in one material: weight/massiveness and light. This enables us to combine the archaic tectonic character of architecture with the contemporary intention of transparency.

My major achievements

  • Creation of a new construction material known worldwide
  • Two patents
  • International publications, exhibitions, conferences
  • International design awards

Most important exhibitions on Litracon

Bologna (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany), Paris (France), Budapest (Hungary), Tokyo (Japan), Utrecht, Delft (The Netherlands), Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne (Germany), Washington D.C. (USA), London, Glasgow (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden)

Most important lectures

Washington, New York, Sarasota (USA), Guadalajara (Mexico), Madrid, Zaragoza (Spain), London (United Kingdom), Budapest (Hungary)


Litracon Bt. HUNGARY, founded in 2004, managing partner


Most important publications

DOMUS (cover)(Italy), TIME (USA), icon (United Kingdom), The New York Times (USA), Financial Times (United Kingdom), Der Spiegel (Germany), The Architectural Review (United Kingdom), Nikkei Architecture (Japan), Magyar Építőművészet (cover)(Hungary), DETAIL (Germany)


Awards for Litracon

iF Design Award 2008 (Germany), LEAF Award 2006 (United Kingdom), red dot: best of the best 2005 (Germany), nomination for Designpreis 2006 (Germany), Venture Cup East Sweden 2003, 1st prize, (Sweden), Excitera Innovation Challenge 2003, 1st prize, (Sweden)


Personal awards

Ernst & Young ” Innovator” 2008 award (Hungary), Pro Urbe Csongrád 2005 (Hungary)

Contact me

Professional / Business address

Losonczi Áron
Litracon Bt.
6640 Csongrád
Tanya 832
Phone: +36 30 2551648


Portrait of Áron Losonczi

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Áron Losonczi

Áron Losonczi