Edward de Bono

Author and international speaker on creativity and lateral thinking

My message

World thinking is poor because it lacks formal creative methods. The methods that I have developed in my 73 books- lateral thinking and parallel thinking -are now widely used in business and in education.

What is most precious for me

  • Develop the skill of thinking.  
  • Knowledge and information can never be enough.
  • We live in an information age and we need to add thinking skills.


Milestones in my life

Who influenced me

A father who was a professor of medicine and a mother who was a journalist and activist. Teachers were always encouraging- I was educated at St. Edward's College, Malta and then graduated M.D. from the Royal University of Malta. I proceeded as a Rhodes Scholar to Oxford where I graduated in Psychology and obtained a D. Phil. in Medical research.

Decisive experiences or events which shaped the path of my life

Medical research into complicated body systems led to the development of principles of self-organising systems, which I then applied to the neural networks in the brain.

Entrepreneurship, leadership

At age ten I opened an escape route from my boarding school and older boys had to ask my permission to use it. 

What I like to do

Sport, including playing polo. Always inventing things.

My  major achievements

I applied the principles I learned from the complex interrelated systems in the body to the neural networks in the brain. I showed that the brain operates as a self organising information system that allows incoming information to arrange itself into asymmetric patterns. From this basis I have designed the formal tools of lateral thinking which provide the first logical basis for creativity in history. I have also designed the parallel thinking of the Six Hats which is used instead of argument to explore subjects and is now widely in use around the world.

I have had faculty appointments at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Harvard.
I have taught thinking to Nobel prize winners and to Down's syndrom youngsters and a class of 7,400 children in New Zealand. My methods of teaching thinking as a distinct subject are in use with millions of schoolchildren around the world and are mandatory in some countries.

I have been invited to lecture in 61 countries and I have been chosen as one of the 250 people who have most contributed in the whole history of humanity.
My business clients have included IBM, DuPont, Prudential etc.

My publications

73 books with translations into 41 languages.

Contact me
Adress: The World Centre for New Thinking
Villa Bighi, Triq il-Missjoni Taljana, CSP 12 – Kalkara, Malta
P.O. Box 17, Sliema SLM 01, Malta

Phone: (+ 356) 2180 4545
Fax: (+ 356) 2180 1033

E-mail: info@edwarddebono.com


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Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono