Esko Tapani Aho

Executive Vice-President, Nokia

Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Nokia. Statesman, former Prime Minister of Finland (1991-1995). Between 2004 and 2008 he was the president of SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund. He holds a Master of Social Sciences degree from the University of Helsinki.


Private consultant 2003-2004

Lecturer, Harvard University 2000-2001

Chairman of the Centre Party 1990-2002

Member of the Finnish Parliament 1983-2003

Elector in the presidential elections of 1978, 1982 and 1998

Vice Chairman of Liberal International 1994-2002

Chairman of the Finnish Ski Association 1996-2000

Vice Chairman of the Finnish Olympic Committee 1997-2000

Member of the Board of Directors of Fortum

Member of the Board of Directors of Russian Venture Company

Member of the Club de Madrid

Member of the Science and Technology in Society Forum (STS)

Member of the InterAction Council


My professional / business address

Nokia Corporation
FI-02150 Espoo
Mail: P.O. Box 226,
FI-00045 Nokia Group Finland

e-mail address


+358 (0)7180 34323; +358 (0)7180 08000


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Esko Tapani Aho

Esko Tapani Aho