Jordi Savall i Bernadet

Musician, professor

Jordi Savall is an exceptional figure in today’s music world he is also one of the most multifariously gifted musicians of his generation, his career as a concert performer, teacher, researcher and creator of new projects, both musical and cultural, make him one of the principal architects of the current revaluation of historical music.

For more than thirty years he has been devoted to the rediscovery of neglected musical treasures. With the viola da gamba and his three ensembles – Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Le Concert des Nations, all founded together with Montserrat Figueras – Jordi Savall has explored and fashioned a universe of emotions and beauty, presenting it to audiences everywhere and to millions of music lovers, and thus bringing recognition to the viola da gamba and to music from here and elsewhere that had fallen into oblivion.

Savall is an excellent ambassador of Early Music, as is proven by his his intense concert activity (over 160 concerts a year), his recording production (160 CDs), the creation 1998 of his own record label Alia Vox (6 recordings a year), his involvement in film projects (with his key contribution to Alain Corneau’s film Tous les Matins du Monde, winner of a César best-soundtrack award), and –last but not least- by his teaching vocation.

With all this he is demonstrating that early music does not have to be elitist: it can arouse interest in everyone, its audience being ever younger and ever stronger in numbers.


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Jordi Savall i Bernadet

Jordi Savall i Bernadet