Philippe Starck

Creator, artistic director, designer

My message

There is a time for everything. Nowadays, our world has to face many crisis: financial, political, religious, economic … it is not necessary the time to question oneself on the beauty of a lamp. It is time to fight. In my humble field of design, the only option, for now and many years to come, is to go political. With one main focus: ecology.

What is most precious for me

Political design. I am very proud of the battle I have been giving for 30 years: democratic design. I’ve struggled since the early days to give the best to the maximum of people, to lower the price while increasing the quality. We can say that now the battle is won; one can easily find very good and creative affordable design. Now, I am concentrating on my new commitment: democratic ecology. I have started with the personal and invisible windmill and shall continue with other products, alternative means of energy production, of easy access. Through new technology, our goal is to provide the maximum of people the products that shall help us to live better, to be part of the global consciousness in order to protect our world.

Philippe Starck is a creator, artistic director and designer, whose interest embraces architecture, interiors, furniture, high-tech, clothes, vehicles etc. His works have won several prizes including the Grand Prix for Industrial Design or the Japanese Good Design Award. He was educated at the École Nissim de Camondo, Paris.

“I like to open the doors to people’s brains” – Philippe Starck

To discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck is to walk into a world of vivid imagination and to live fantasy.
For more than 30 years, this unconventional creator, designer and architect has been boldly present in our everyday, creating objects that are "good" before they are beautiful, and iconic destinations that are pure poetry and change the vision of life.

Philippe Starck’s early inspiration came from his father who was an aircraft engineer and manufacturer.
Several years and several prototypes later, and Philippe Starck was commissioned to work for French President François Mitterrand. Also at this time he started creating furniture for leading Italian and international editors.

When Philippe Starck designs a hotel or restaurant, he works more like a movie director, creating scenarios to bring and upgrade people in a mental, imaginative and creative story. His hotels, though always carrying the cutting edge creativity, all became timeless icons and have brought a new dimension to the international landscape.

Through his concept of Democratic Design, which is to "give the best to as many people as possible," Starck appeared like a pioneer when design was turned exclusively towards an elite.
There is little that he has not set his hand to: from furniture and family products to houses to be sold by mail order, from motorbikes to mega yachts, and even art direction for space projects ... among others.

Starck’s green credentials were evident way before it become popular to think about the future of the planet. Very early on, he set up a company producing organic food, and recently launched the revolutionary concept of Democratic Ecology by creating affordable micro personal windmills, that shall be followed by solar boats and hydrogen vehicles…

This indefatigable and rebellious citizen of the world considers it his duty to share his ethic and subversive vision of a fairer world and continues to be tuned in to our dreams, desires and needs by making his work a political and civic act but always with love and humour.

My professional / business address

18/20 rue du Faubourg du Temple

75011 Paris, France

e-mail address


+ 33 (0)1 48 07 54 54; 33 (0)1 48 07 59 31


+ 33 (0)1 48 07 54 64



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Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck