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In the events archive you can obtain all relevant information about events that already took place in the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.



31.12.2009 – 31.12.2009

openthing - the virtual data architecture | Vienna | Austria

This project wants to build up a virtual architecture, based on real interactions between arts, science and & service solution GmbH (short: CSS)more >
31.12.2009 – 31.12.2009

TOP PROFESSIONAL AWARD | Brno | Czech Republic

The purpose of the TOP PROFESSIONAL AWARD is to recognize and honour successful projects that have promoted a key role of ICT in business innovation and creativity.more >
30.12.2009 – 30.12.2009

Platform Europe | Madrid | Spain

A platform to come up with initiatives to promote innovation in the EU enterprise and industry.more >
29.12.2009 – 29.12.2009

Rural Innovation and Universities | Brussels - Inverness and Highlands and Islands | Belgium - UK

The role of Universities in good practices and innovation and creativity in remote sparesely populated areasmore >
16.12.2009 – 17.12.2009

Creative Clash | |

The Creative Clash seminars present the results of studies to measure the impact of artistic interventions in the business field and in research projects, and to formulate recommendations to European policies.more >
16.12.2009 – 17.12.2009

Create.Innovate.Grow - Closing Conference of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation | Stockholm | Sweden

The conference highlights good examples from EYCI promoting continued and strengthened work with Creativity & InnovationThe International Programme Office for Education and Training, the Swedish EU Presidency, DG EAC.more >
16.12.2009 – 16.12.2009

Cultural heritage, local development and ICT. Integrated e-Services for Advanced Access to Heritage in Cultural Tourist destinations | Naples | Italy

The theme of the Conference is the creative use of ICT in the cultural and tourist sectormore >
15.12.2009 – 15.12.2009

Creation seminar series | Paris | France

The Creation seminar series aims at studying the way organisations can foster and encourage creativity, in creative industries. more >
15.12.2009 – 17.12.2009

Brain and Creativity Course | Barcelona | Spain

The theme of this course is to explore the neurological processes related to creativity and generation of ideas.more >
15.12.2009 – 15.12.2009

Art happening of Juan Ripollés and students | Alicante | Spain

Ripollés promotes art in a happening with 20 students.more >
15.12.2009 – 18.12.2009

BIMBA - Multimedia Library for Children | Gorizia | Italy

BIMBA is a place for learning and socialising where children's creativity is promoted through innovative approaches.more >
15.12.2009 – 15.12.2009

EU Culture and Youth programmes | Vienna | Austria

Presentation of EU Culture, Youth and Education programmes + "Speed-Dating" with experts + workshopsmore >
14.12.2009 – 15.12.2009

CILS - 1st International Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Language Studies | Arcavacata di Rende (CS) | Italy

The Conference celebrates the relevance of Creativity and Innovation in Language Studies (CILS) as a means of fostering intercultural communication and promoting closer links between SMEs and universities.more >
14.12.2009 – 19.12.2009

Balkan PLUS! KFK Festival | Belgrade, Subotica | Serbia

Virtual Space for Intercultural Dialogue and Creative Technologies: XXI century, MEDIA era! TV broadcasters, Successful Producers, Distributers… produce millions hours of different programmes for children and youth. Global...more >
12.12.2009 – 12.12.2009

CREATIVA/MENTE Culture and creativity as a model of development | Rimini | Italy

A day of work dedicated to culture and creativity, in which you can explore the role of a city - Rimini - which is a creative, intelligent, innovative city.more >
11.12.2009 – 11.12.2009

Elearning.Romania 2009 Seminar | Bucharest | Romania

The theme of Elearning.Romania 2009 is innovation and creativity brought in the education by ICTs.TEHNE - Centrul pentru Dezvoltare şi Inovare în Educatie & Intel Corp.more >
10.12.2009 – 10.12.2009

Contest Innovating Minds - Czech Awards for Young Europeans | Prague | Czech Republic

Contest for European high-school students, organized by Ceska hlava s.r.o. Company jointly with the Chairman of the Czech Republics Senate, and with the support of the Czech Senate. more >
10.12.2009 – 11.12.2009

Creative Clash | Brussels | Belgium

The Creative Clash seminars present the results of studies to measure the impact of artistic interventions in the business field and in research projects, and to formulate recommendations to European policies.more >
09.12.2009 – 09.12.2009

EESC Design ZeroNine. 2009 European Award for a Sustainable Present | Brussels | 27 EU Member States

To mark the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is launching a design competition to create, and later produce, an innovative and sustainable design product, including...more >
08.12.2009 – 09.12.2009

EURODIV Final Conference – Diversity: towards a Research Manifesto | |

Building on the interdisciplinary work carried out in the context of EURODIV over the last four years, this Conference aims at discussing future research avenues on this subject. more >
08.12.2009 – 10.12.2009

DISH2009 | Rotterdam | the Netherlands

Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is a new bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the opportunities it offers to cultural organisations. the Netherlands Institute for Heritage & DEN foundationmore >
07.12.2009 – 07.12.2009

Group Genius – The Creative Power of Collaboration | Brussels | Belgium

Prof. Keith Sawyermore >
06.12.2009 – 10.12.2009

Design at Work 09, international trade show for product development, design & innovation | Kortrijk | Belgium

Visualisation of innovation is the aim of the new event Design at Work 09. From 6 to 10 December 2009 at Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium, companies and organisations will be on display who excel in innovative product development and good...more >
05.12.2009 – 05.12.2009

European Film Awards Ceremony | Essen | Germany

European Film Academy e.V.more >
04.12.2009 – 04.12.2009

MEDEA Awards 2009 | Berlin | Germany

The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media in education. Closing date for entries: 30 September 2009, 12 pm more >
03.12.2009 – 10.12.2009

4 Design | Bordeaux | France

Les "Rencontres du Design" sont un événement biannuelmore >
03.12.2009 – 11.12.2009

Sign09 | Vienna | Austria

The purpose of Sign09 is to bring together the exhibition of the 2009 British Sign Design Awards with a 9 day programme on signage, wayfinding and identity. more >
03.12.2009 – 04.12.2009

Education and Business cooperation | Brussels | Belgium

Closer cooperation between the education sector and business in the EU neighbouring countries is the theme of this international conference organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF) in partnership with European...more >
03.12.2009 – 03.12.2009

Pimp my Culture | Düsseldorf | Germany

The theme of this two-week workshop is for students from different cultural backgrounds to create their own contemporary art show, from the very first idea to the opening nightmore >
03.12.2009 – 03.12.2009

In'ovdia : Innovation Regional Meeting | Laval | France

The theme of this evenement is to deal with creativity and collaborative project more >
03.12.2009 – 04.12.2009

2nd Intercultural Seminar: Creativity in Intercultural Research and Training | Aix en Provence | France

Learn about the most recent and creative approaches in intercultural research and training in the 7 partner countries of the Iter project (Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea and India).more >
03.12.2009 – 03.12.2009

Bic day with Momodesign | Trento | Italy

The BIC DAY 2009 edition will focus on innovation and creativity and will have MOMODESIGN as testimonial.more >
03.12.2009 – 04.12.2009

Innovation Support in Latin America and Europe | Glasgow | UK

Support creative innovation in cooperation between EU and Latin American companies and bodies (Transatlantic Innovation)more >
02.12.2009 – 02.12.2009

Innovative and Creative Frameworks: How Education and Consultancy Institutions Systematically Use Their Constructive Forces | Vienna | Austria

The theme of this conference is to deal with creativity and innovation in education and consultancy institutions in the agricultural and environmental sector.more >
02.12.2009 – 02.12.2009

Competitiveness and Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities in European Productive Sectors | Brussels | Belgium

Cooperation between European regions should be a primary tool for facing the future challenges of the European Union.This cooperation based on good practices exchange will be focused on innovation development, improving the...more >
02.12.2009 – 04.12.2009

Innovation and Creativity in the hands of the Young 2009 | Reykjavík | Iceland

This conference is of interest to a wide spectrum of audience, ranging from children and young people to industry and academia as well as policy makers, as its focus is on the interrelations between the different actors and...more >
01.12.2009 – 31.12.2009

AUSA - Innovation and market segmentation | Manresa | Spain

Training coursemore >
01.12.2009 – 31.12.2009

Electric December 2009 | Bristol | UK

Electric December, Watershed’s end of year online showcase of creative talent, led by a European team of young people is calling for all filmmakers under 21 from Europe that have made a short film or are thinking about picking up...more >
01.12.2009 – 03.12.2009

Creativity World Forum 2009 | Ludwigsburg | Germany

Two days international congress with renowned international keynote speakers, experts-panels, cooperation-platform and exhibition (01./02.12.2009), as well as a local visitor-programme on “Creative Industries” in...more >
01.12.2009 – 01.12.2009

"City, university, enterprise: challenges for creativity and innovation" Symposium | Lyon | France

A conversation between cities, universities and enterprises promoting creativity and innovation in knowledge citiesmore >


30.11.2009 – 04.12.2009

Campus of excellence - 5th Edition 2009 | Madrid | Spain

The aim of this conference is to promote interchange of knowledge and experiences between two generationsmore >
30.11.2009 – 04.12.2009

Scotland Week 2009 | Various cities | Scotland

A week of events showcasing creativity and innovation to mark St Andrew's Day, Scotland's National Day.more >
30.11.2009 – 30.11.2009

Science week | Manresa | Spain

Different activitiesmore >
30.11.2009 – 30.11.2009

ICT role in life quality and personal authonomy | Manresa | Spain

Conferencemore >
30.11.2009 – 03.12.2009

Idea-Mining about the promotion of academic stays abroad – without much money | Bonn | Germany

Think Tanks targeting new solutions for the information on International Offices’ offers.more >
30.11.2009 – 30.11.2009

BIOAGRO Project and finalization ceremony | Tommarp | Sweden

BIOAGRO is a novel conversion facility producing valuable biofuel from agricultural by-products. more >
30.11.2009 – 01.12.2009

UNESCO Chair - International Seminar on Open Social Learning (OSL) | Barcelona | Spain

The Seminar will present OSL related research, practices and case studies and assess the possibilities offered by a system involving a high level of self-learning based on the peer-to-peer support.more >
28.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

Creativity Festival for disabled persons, "Creativity without | Szczecin | Poland

The “Creativity Festival for disabled persons - Creativity without barriers" is an annual event organised by the NGO T•cza (Rainbow). It is an event gathering all the associations working with disabled people together with the...more >
27.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) 2009 | Valletta | Malta

The Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) provide national recognition to individuals and/or organisations who have achieved outstanding engineering accomplishments that have had significant impact on engineering in the...more >
27.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

The Impact of European Cooperation on Senior Education | Wrocław | Poland

Seminar organized by the Grundtvig programme in Poland.more >
27.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Teletopi 2009 - prize-giving for the best micro web tvs created by citizens and judged by experts | Milan | Italy

Every year, web tvs made by citizens for information-sharing and reporting are awarded with Teletopimore >
27.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Intellectual property in the current economic context. Innovation - EU solution to overcome the global crisis | Constanta | Romania

Europe Direct Center of Constanta, Enterprise Europe Center of Constanta and The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture - Regional Center for the Promotion of Industrial Property Protection, in cooperation with...more >
26.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Information Design methods workshop | Vienna | Austria

Leaded by Prof. Wibke Weber from the Stuttgart Media University (Germany), the purpose of the workshop is to investigate what are the most relevant methods in information design and intend to make an inventory. more >
26.11.2009 – 26.11.2009

International workshop on „Creativity and Innovation in Literary Translation” | Bucharest | Romania

Workshop were publishers, editors, writers and translators are invited to discuss on the contribution of translation to the benefit of intercultural dialogue and promotion of Romanian literature.more >
26.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

Salone dello Studente 2009 | Cremona | Italy

The trade-show “Il Salone dello Studente” is an annual event which takes place in Cremona at the fair ground in November.more >
26.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

"Creativity and innovation in European towns - Cultural Alternatives, New Social Solidarity" | Brussels and Liège | Belgium

Banlieues d'Europe is pursuing its work of identification of artistic projects and reflection on cultural, social and economic alternatives. At this time of economic crisis, it is urgent to put into perspective alternative...more >
26.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

Serbian Innovative and Creative Fair Biznis Baza 2009 | Belgrade | Republic of Serbia

The Event is a part of the 8th International Fair for SMEs at Belgrade "Biznis Baza 2009".more >
26.11.2009 – 26.11.2009

Innov'embre | Lille | France

This day for SMEs aims to foster the emergence of innovation projects by creating matching business meetings.CRCI Nord Pas de Calais more >
25.11.2009 – 29.11.2009

Gaudeamus International Book and Education Fair, the 16th edition | Bucharest | Romania

The theme of Gaudeamus Int'l Fair is „Innovation and Creativity”, which aims to promote intercultural dialogue and innovative solutions in conveying the literary message both ways.more >
25.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Eurobest Advertising Festival | Amsterdam | Netherlands

Launched in 1988, Eurobest is Europe’s largest annual awards competition for creative excellence in the categories of TV/Cinema, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Interactive, Media, Direct, Sales Promotion, Design, Integrated advertising...more >
25.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

MIC 2009 - 10th International Conference on Creativity, Innovation and Management | Sousse | Tunisia

Management International Conference is a traditional conference for scholars of management studies, welcoming participants from around the world, with broad and diverse research interests.more >
25.11.2009 – 25.11.2009

"Future Day" | Nationwide | Germany

Curiosity and creativity are main drivers of change in the world. Education and research contribute to the creation of our future. This day focuses on your ideas about the future.more >
25.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Les e-magiciens / European Meeting of the Young Digital Creation | Valenciennes | France

The E-magiciens / European Meeting of the Young Digital Creation, directed by Marie-Anne Fontenier and organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Valenciennes region is the European festival dedicated to the...more >
24.11.2009 – 25.11.2009

Quality and Competitiveness: Challenges for an innovative training | Madrid | Spain

The objective of this event is to promote creativity through education in vocational training.more >
24.11.2009 – 24.11.2009

New working models | Manresa | Spain

Conferencemore >
24.11.2009 – 25.11.2009

European Innovation and Creativity Camp | Brussels | Belgium

24H camp where 100 European students present innovative viable solutions to a challenge put to them by the European Commission.more >
24.11.2009 – 25.11.2009

National Creative Industries Conference 2009 - 'Creativity Economy' | London | UK

NCI09 is the biggest debate on the future of the UK’s creative economy hearing from those at the forefront of the sectormore >
24.11.2009 – 26.11.2009

DeThinking Service - ReThinking Design | Oslo | Norway

First Nordic conference on Service Design and Service Innovation at AHO on 24-26 November 2009.more >
24.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Degree & Profession - Virtual Expo and International Festivals | Florence | Italy

The project is a meeting point for the creativity of students, graduates, practitioners and academicsmore >
23.11.2009 – 27.11.2009

Le dessin le plus long du monde | Brussels | Belgium

Expositionmore >
23.11.2009 – 29.11.2009

Adult Learners Week 2009 | various cities | Lithuania

The theme of Adult Learners' Week is to bring different adult learning, cultural and bussines institutions for join activities to present cases, methods of creativity and innovations for adult part of society and to develop...more >
23.11.2009 – 24.11.2009

Beyond the crisis: design for a sustainable future | Brussels | Belgium

This conference is planned as one of the major events of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009.more >
23.11.2009 – 24.11.2009

Creative Clash | Barcelona | Spain

The Creative Clash seminars present the results of studies to measure the impact of artistic interventions in the business field and in research projects, and to formulate recommendations to European policies.more >
21.11.2009 – 21.11.2009

Digital Arts Awards | St Julians | Malta

Only Awards in Malta to celebrate Creativity and Excellence in the Digital Arts and Media Industries.more >
20.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

Youth Employment Support Conference | Salzburg | Austria

The theme of the conference is innovation and creativity in youth employment. Die Berater on behalf of YES- Project Consortiummore >
20.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

Third Festival of children's musical creativity 'Young Composer' | Banja Luka | Bosnia and Herzegovina

This project aims to promote the EU as well as creativity of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.more >
20.11.2009 – 21.11.2009

Design Développement | Nantes | France

"Design développement" est une journée d’échanges et de réflexions sur le design organisée par l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantiques (école de la CCI de Nantes)more >
20.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

"EUREKA! Day of Europe 2009 | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

The EUREKA! Day Of Europe 2009 is the official closing conference of the European Year for Creativity and Innovation in the Netherlandsmore >
20.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

Big enough to matter and small enough to care | Gallarrate | Italy

Organized by Associazione Culturale Aleph, Licei di Gallarate, Consorzio Bibliotecario Panizzi and the municipalities of di Arsago, Besnate, Cardano, Casorate, Gallarate and Jerago, the conference focuses on the importance of...more >
19.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

2009 Valorisation Conference | Lisbon | Portugal

The aim of the conference is to disseminate results of innovative and creative projects in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).more >
19.11.2009 – 19.11.2009

Language as our high-tech tool | Malaga | Spain

The latest developments in cognitive neuroscience applied to language in societymore >
19.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

International Days: Enterprise innovation in international commercial practice | Getafe - Madrid | Spain

The theme of these International Days is enterprise innovationmore >
19.11.2009 – 21.11.2009

"Innovation and Creativity - a Way Out to the Current Economic Situation" | Brussels | Belgium

The 19th YES Annual Summit, organised by YES-European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs,will take place in Brussels on 27-28 November. It will be dedicated to “Promoting Entrepreneurial Attitude Towards Creativity and...more >
19.11.2009 – 22.11.2009

up and coming- international film festival | Hannover | Germany

Discovery festival of the International Film Festival Hannover - films and videos by the up-and-coming generation.more >
19.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

European eGovernment Awards 2009 | Malmö | Sweden

The European eGovernment Awards 2009 ceremony will be held in the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference where the most innovative good practiceswill be presented and awarded.more >
19.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

Enhancing creativity through education and training:the impact of European mobility and European cooperation projects | Lyon | France

The conference will highlight outstanding projects and initiatives supported under the Lifelong Learning, Erasmus Mundus and Tempus programmes.more >
19.11.2009 – 22.11.2009

FE FEST 09 | Warsaw | Poland

First experimental film review in Warsaw more >
19.11.2009 – 19.11.2009

7th Brussels Debate "Towards a creative Europe: What role for creative industries?" | Brussels | Belgium

Debate about the role of the creative arts, including industrial design and development.more >
18.11.2009 – 19.11.2009

Keys to the future - Education for Sustainable Development" | Nyköping | Sweden

The conference's ambition is to present a variety of creative and innovative ideas and methods in terms of education for sustainable development.more >
18.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference "Teaming Up for the eUnion" | Malmö | Sweden

The 5th Ministerial eGovernment Meeting and Conference, to be held in the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden, will be one of the major events of the Swedish EU Presidency. It will include a Ministerial Meeting of ministers...more >
18.11.2009 – 20.11.2009

The 'Long-range Research Initiative' Annual Event | Brussels | Belgium

Organised by the European Chemical Industry Council, the event will forge stronger links with academia, regulators and the public in the field of innovation.more >
18.11.2009 – 28.11.2009

Festival international 'Météores' Jeunes Publics' | Bruxelles | Belgique

Festival International 'Météores' Jeunes Publics spectacles venus de France, Italie, Norvège, Suisse et les 3 communautés belges.more >
18.11.2009 – 19.11.2009

EXPOPYME 09 | Pamplona | Spain

Professional trade show of services and products for the pymesmore >
18.11.2009 – 12.12.2009

Exhibit “Research, Darwinism and Scientific Culture in Marche Region between 1800 and 1900” | Jena | Germany

Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin and “Friedrich-Schiller-Universität” of Jenamore >
17.11.2009 – 17.11.2009

International Awards for Audiovisual Innovation in the Internet (INVI) | Madrid | Spain

Promote innovation and quality in the creation of new video based contents especially designed for the Internet discovering new talent.Radio Televisión Españolamore >
17.11.2009 – 17.11.2009

Raising awareness of the European Year of Innovation and Creativity | Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina

To raise awareness on the EU and the European Year of Creativity and Innovation through organisation of the first edition of European Exhibition on Creativity and Innovation in Bosnia and Herzegovinamore >
17.11.2009 – 17.11.2009

"At the Edge of the Universe” | Munich | Germany

Italian Cultural Institute in Munichmore >
17.11.2009 – 17.11.2009

Seminar about Creativity and Innovation 2009 | Alicante | Spain

The theme for this short conference is to show how the creativity and the innovation are present and necessary in different professional areas (we will invite different associations) and how our company tries to be innovative...more >
16.11.2009 – 16.11.2009

Tecnological parks and urban development | Manresa | Spain

International seminarmore >
16.11.2009 – 16.11.2009

Atelier de l’Innovation | Archamps | France

Cycle d’information sur la propriété industrielle en partenariat avec l’INPI : Atelier d’information et de conseils pratiques portant sur "Rechercher les brevets et les marques sur Internet : veille technologique et...more >
16.11.2009 – 17.11.2009

Student Scientific Conference "Innovation – from theory to practice – from a concept to success" | Poznan | Poland

Students do not hesitate to promote innovative approach in science.more >
14.11.2009 – 22.11.2009

Science festival and launch of Intel Science Programs | Paris | France

The Science Festival is a public event that invites everybody to discover the world around us and to explore new challenges. Intel will launch new Science Programs.Ministery of Higher Education & Research, Intel more >
12.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

8th International ILIAS Conference | Budapest | Hungary

Hosted by Hungary's famous private university for applied sciences, Dennis Gabor Applied University, in BudapestDennis Gabor Applied University + the ILIAS Open Source teammore >
12.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

SciTech Europe 2009: Innovation Across Europe | Brussels | Belgium

Benefit from networking, debating and learning from world-class speakers and experts involved in science in Europe. more >
12.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

Baltic EXPRO+ | Šiauliai | Lithuania

Baltic EXPRO+ is international event dedicated to the closure of European Year of Creativity and Innovation on the 12th of November 2009 in Šiauliai.more >
12.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

Presentation of the "Manifesto for creativity and innovation in Europe" | Brussels | Belgium

The "Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation in Europe" is one of the key outcomes of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. The document is the result of a collective work of the ambassadors of the Year, leading...more >
11.11.2009 – 11.11.2009

Creative Industries and Creative Communities Conference 2009 | Stoke-on-Trent | United Kingdom

We are now inviting papers for our 2009 conference on Creative Industries and Communities. Whilst we welcome any innovative and interesting presentations on the broad heading of the conference, most papers should aim for one of...more >
11.11.2009 – 11.11.2009

VIII Business Global Conference+i | Bilbao | Spain

"Innovation in red" this year will be the focus of the meeting, with a practical approach to how organisations and societies should open up their innovation processes to new participants. more >
10.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

Closing/Valorisation Conference | Zilina | Slovakia

With the participation of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic, Junior Achievement Slovakia, Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation, Microsoft, Apple.The meaning of the Closing Conference will be...more >
10.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

Young Innovations Europe - Magazine Launch | Brussels | Belgium

Young Innovations Europe (YIE) is a new, exciting and cool magazine showcasing the best initiatives, programmes and innovations implemented by young people throughout Europe. more >
10.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

Konferenca COBISS2009 | Maribor | Slovenia

IZUM (Institute of Information Science). Co-organisers: Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Slovenia, Ministry of Culture, Slovenia, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sloveniamore >
10.11.2009 – 12.11.2009

create n innovate 2009 | Belfast | UK

2 days of presentations, panels and workshops highlighting and exploring ideas and good practice in creativity and innovation, and its importance for our economies, our societies and our futures. more >
10.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

Creation seminar series | Paris | France

The Creation seminar series aims at studying the way organisations can foster and encourage creativity, in creative industries. more >
10.11.2009 – 11.11.2009

Annual Conference LAVA09, industry development version 2.0 | Reykjavik | Iceland

Welcome to a new conference experience! The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 presents LAVA09, the NPP Annual Conference 2009.more >
10.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

Transfer of Innovative Training Solutions and Fostering Creativity of Individuals on the Labour Market in Leonardo da Vinci Projects | Various cities | Poland

Nationwide conference to promote best practice of creativity and innovation in the field of vocational training.more >
10.11.2009 – 11.11.2009

FT INNOVATE 2009 - Innovation Strategies for Success in Tough Times | London | United Kingdom

Now in its fourth year, FT Innovate has developed a reputation as the premier event of its kind, with outstanding speakers showcasing the big innovation stories and revealing the 'nuts and bolts' of innovation implementation...more >
10.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

Opening of the “Imagine a new world” photo exhibition and award ceremony | Brussels | Belgium

The "Imagine a new world" photo competition was organized in the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. For the competition, residents of the 27 EU Member States, candidate countries or of Iceland,...more >
09.11.2009 – 09.11.2009

"Journée Pôles de compétitivité et clusters" | Valence | France

Rendez-vous personnalisés avec des experts et ateliers pratiques sur l'innovationmore >
09.11.2009 – 22.11.2009

Week of Science | Various cities | Spain

The Ministry of Science and Innovation through the FECYT supports and coordinates on a state level the Week of Science 2009.more >
09.11.2009 – 10.11.2009

International On-line Conference on "Innovations in Training Practice" | | worldwide

The conference will feature innovations in training practice. It is for all those interested in the training and professional development of teachers and trainers.more >
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