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30.06.2009 – 02.07.2009

8th edition of the International Conference on E-learning, Education, Technologies and Professional Training | Ponta Delgada (Azores Island) | Portugal

The Graal Institutemore >
30.06.2009 – 01.07.2009

XPERIMANIA | various cities | All countries of the European Union

Educational programme raising pupils’ awareness of how petrochemistry contributes to the development of modern materials, coordinated by European Schoolnet, on behalf of the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe...more >
30.06.2009 – 30.06.2009

eTwinning project "OUR CREATIVITY" | Various cities | Various Countries

A film about creativity made by 12 schools from 10 different European countries.more >
30.06.2009 – 30.06.2009

X General Assembly of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities - Innovating cities and economic crisis: a window of opportunity | Caen | France

Tackling crisis as an opportunity window, CAAC will try to set an innovative Atlantic urban model through green economymore >
30.06.2009 – 02.07.2009

8th edition of the International Conference on E-learning and Education Technologies and Professional Training | Ponta Delgada (Azores Island) | Portugal

A multi-disciplinary international conference that integrates teachers, professional tutors, managers and investigators, where they will discuss the latest results of scientific development related to the use of new technologies...more >
30.06.2009 – 01.07.2009

Public Resources Management in Public Administration | Lisbon | Portugal

Event oriented to public procurement professionals, agents and public administration managements.more >
29.06.2009 – 03.07.2009

ARTBASE | Frankfurt / Main | Germany

ARTBASE opens Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt to the public, outreaches the exhibition "The Making of Art" and creates an “open space” right in the centre of Frankfurt. Children, teens and adults are teached by regional artist and...more >
29.06.2009 – 04.07.2009

Roulot'ographe | Grevenmacher | Luxembourg

Le roulot’ographe tend à initier à la pratique de la photographie. Ceci, d’une manière éducative, créatrice et ludique. Il s’agit d’une caravane qui est modulable en laboratoire mobile. Cette caravane, est transformableen...more >
29.06.2009 – 29.06.2009

Prix Retis "Innovons ensemble" | Paris Bercy | France

Le réseau RETIS et la DGCIS (ministère de l'Economie, de l'industrie et de l'Emploi)more >
29.06.2009 – 29.06.2009

Incredible Summit: IncrediblEurope - The Power of Creativity and Innovation | Vienna | Austria

European masterminds to meet in Vienna for innovative and creative solutions in and beyond the crisis.more >
27.06.2009 – 30.06.2009

International championship of Hit Ball | Turin | Milan

First International championship of a new sport "made in Italy" born in 1986 from a school experimental projectmore >
27.06.2009 – 27.06.2009

International Digital Storytelling Conference | Óbidos | Portugal

Conference oriented towards educators, teachers, ICT professionals linked to Digital Storytelling. People from Europe USA, Australia and Africa will attend the conference.more >
26.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

I+D+i in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Spain

The University spreads and rewards research, development and innovation activities realised between 2005-08.more >
26.06.2009 – 27.06.2009

JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge | Bjerringbro | Denmark

60 young entrepreneurs representing 15 student companies from across Europe are invited to participate in the JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge 2009.more >
25.06.2009 – 25.06.2009

National competititon for the creation of innovative entreprises | Paris | France

Major tool of the french policy, this competititon rewards 200 laureates and gives the support for the creation of 150 entreprises.more >
25.06.2009 – 25.07.2009

Cultureinside | Luxembourg | Luxembourg

CULTUREINSIDE est un site web innovateur dédié aux artistes contemporains, photographes, étudiants d’art, membres du monde culturel, collectionneurs, curateurs, musées, galeries, enseignants et surtout amateurs d’art. Le site à...more >
25.06.2009 – 25.06.2009

Les petits déjeuners Entreprise Europe : Comment mieux exploiter les programmes européens pour la recherche et l’innovation ? | Pessac - Bordeaux | France

Les programmes européens sont-ils faits pour mon entreprise? Comment y accéder? Quels types de projets peuvent être financés? A qui m’adresser pour être accompagné dans le montage de mon projet? Pour apporter des réponses...more >
25.06.2009 – 25.06.2009

8th Technology Awards and Congress | Istanbul | Turkey

Distinguished national and international speakers will contribute to discussions on enterprise technology management and related public strategy and policy issues.more >
25.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

Hamburg Animation Award 2009 | Hamburg | Germany

An international award for up-and-coming illustrators.more >
25.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

e-Health 2009 - ICT meeting | Lisbon | Portugal

Promotion of health care through ICT technologies.more >
24.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

18th EBN Annual Congress | Fes | Marocco

In search of Creative Ideas, Smart Solutions and Pragmatic Toolsmore >
24.06.2009 – 24.06.2009

Intel®-Leibniz-Challenge | Hanover | Germany

The Leibniz Challenge is a competition for students in science, with focus on Physics.Leibniz University Hannover, D21 & Intel GmbHmore >
24.06.2009 – 25.06.2009

“VIVA EUROPA June 24th” Live Open Air Transmission “Die Walküre” | Valencia | Spain

Free open-air transmission of a live performance of Wagner's Opera “Die Walküre” from the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia (Spain) for cities throughout Europe wishing to join the project. Organised by Patrocini de les...more >
23.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

Green Week Conference 2009 | Brussels | Belgium

The biggest annual conference on European environment policy turns the spotlight this year on the multi-faceted challenges of climate change. more >
22.06.2009 – 22.06.2009

Grundtvig Award 2009 | | Germany

Annual award within adult education, organised by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA)more >
22.06.2009 – 26.06.2009

Semaine de l'Innovation en Alsace | Dans toute l'Alsace | France

''Semaine de l'Innovation'' du 22 au 26 Juin 2009 en Alsace - Entreprises, donnez du souffle à vos projets! L’innovation est à l’honneur du 22 au 26 juin, dans toute l’Alsace. Une semaine d’événements pour échanger, se...more >
22.06.2009 – 24.06.2009

Moodle Moot | Lyon | France

A conference dedicated to users, developers and administrators of the very popular open-source VLE called Moodle.Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA) & Intel more >
22.06.2009 – 23.06.2009

Innovation at the service of regions and cities for implementing sustainable energy strategies | The Hague | The Netherlands

Regions, cities and SMEs will be shown how satellite information and services help them to better meet their objectives in the energy sectormore >
21.06.2009 – 24.06.2009

The XX ISPIM Conference + The future of Innovation | Vienna | Austria

Organised by ISPIM, hosted by The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and supported by DANUBE - European Programmes for Training, Research and Technology and Ratio Strategy & Innovation Consulting, this conference will bring...more >
20.06.2009 – 20.06.2009

Overcoming poverty with comedy | Kraków | Poland

Feature film project developed by the Solidarity and Support for the Poverty and Unemployment Foundation together with partners from Poland (Ludowy Theatre in Nowa Huta) and Germany (SOLIDARITAT Foundation from Bielefeld)more >
19.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

Conference "Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in Higher Education with Lifelong Learning" | Maribor | Slovenia

The theme of this conference is to raise awareness of innovation importance also in higher education sector and gather good practices of creativity and innovation development.College of Business Doba Maribormore >
19.06.2009 – 20.06.2009

10. Intel Teach Symposium | Dillingen | Germany

The national symposium on Intel® Teach is a high level gathering of representatives from all 16 German Ministries of Education, discussing in workshops past and future ideas to foster ICT in schoolsAkademie für...more >
19.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

East Midlands EU-China/India Trade conference | Leicester | UK

To encourage SMEs to consider creative and innovative solutions to boost growth and jobs.more >
19.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

Innovation & Creativity Conference | Dublin | Ireland

The half day event will discuss the support of innovative activity on a cross-border basis and showcase the achievements of the Ireland Wales Programme to date. The event will include discussion on networking, clustering and...more >
18.06.2009 – 18.06.2009

ITWIIN Awards 2009 | Milan | Italy

The event will award the best italian female inventor and the best italian female innovatormore >
18.06.2009 – 18.06.2009

Usability of Interactive Systems | Sofia | Bulgaria

Digital Spaces Living Labmore >
18.06.2009 – 28.06.2009

Press conference and opening of the Exhibition 'Orbis Pictus or the Gate to the World of Human Imagination' during the Couleur Café Festival | Brussels | Belgium

"Orbis Pictus or the Gate to the World of Creative Human Imagination" is one of the big events accompanying the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. more >
18.06.2009 – 20.06.2009

Innovation Days 2009 | Lisboa | Portugal

Innovation Days 2009 is a European event to promote technology innovation showcasing results of R&D projects and promoting new partnerships between companies, researchers and investors.AdI - Portuguese Innovation Agency /...more >
18.06.2009 – 20.06.2009

LIFT France, with Fing "Hands-on future " | Marseille | France

Creating a bridge between innovation, creativity and society, this event will bring together visionaries and pioneers to discuss the «Hands-on Future» more >
18.06.2009 – 27.06.2009

FRUIT SEASON 2009 | Rome | Italy

DiSegno srl for Regione Lazio, European Parliament (Italian Office) and European Commission Representation in Italymore >
18.06.2009 – 21.06.2009

Ars GEometrica 2009 - III. International Convention and Workshop – Interaction and Cross-Bordering in Art and Science | Pécs | Hungary

Pécs Cultural Centremore >
18.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

avanti!2009 | Berlin | Germany

One of the largest fairs in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg regarding the topics of learning and working abroadmore >
18.06.2009 – 18.06.2009

Schweighofer Prize | Vienna | Austria

The jury of the Schweighofer Prize puts specific emphasis on a European dimension of the candidate’s achievements and focuses on applied research and development projects.more >
18.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

Creative industries – culture, business, innovation | Łódź | Poland

Conference devoted to creative industries, entrepreneurship in the culture sector and creativity development mechanisms.more >
18.06.2009 – 18.06.2009

Lisbon Strategy Post 2010: Regional strategies for innovation! A (joint) network event of the Lisbon Regions and ERRIN | Brussels | Belgium

This seminar will contribute to thinking on the future Lisbon Strategy and promote an opportunity to members of the two networks to both understand and shape future EU policy in this area. Two high-level EU policy experts will...more >
17.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

HiT Barcelona - World Innovation Summit | Barcelona | Spain

A unique innovation showcase that will shape the future global economy. Participate in the event where innovation will open new doors for development, business and investment. Learn with the world’s most influential innovation...more >
17.06.2009 – 18.06.2009

Salon des entrepreneurs Paris - Lyon - Nantes | Paris, Lyon et Nantes | France

Grand salon public où sont dispobnibles toutes les informations, les conseils et les contacts pour créer, reprendre ou developper une entreprise.more >
17.06.2009 – 17.06.2009

eLBa workshop "Tools and learning for creativity and innovation" | Rostock | Germany

The workshop Tools and Learning for Creativity and Innovation is a pre-conference workshop at the eLearning Baltics 2009 conference (eLBa).more >
16.06.2009 – 16.06.2009

Conference: "Boy, which role do you play? - The transformation of male role models" | Berlin | Germany

The theme of this conference is how male role models transform due to changes in society. more >
15.06.2009 – 15.06.2009

"Price and achievement": What can the work of creative cost? Exchange network meetings | Vienna | Austria

The theme is to get tipps and information how to find the right price for creative works.more >
15.06.2009 – 17.06.2009

Seminar "Knowledge economy – Creativity, Research & Education" | Brno | Czech Republic

Knowledge Economy is the theme of the seminar organized within the URBACT II project Joining Forces.Brno City Municipalitymore >
12.06.2009 – 14.06.2009

effe-Conference Kreativity Genesis! | Witten | Germany

An innovative in-service training event for teachers, trainee teachers, educationalists and policy makers on how to bring creativity and innovation into education, organised by the effe - European Forum for Freedom in...more >
11.06.2009 – 11.06.2009

Remise de prix du Forum des mini-entreprises | | Luxembourg

L'asbl Jonk Entrepreneuren désignera les 3 meilleures mini-entreprises et distribuera 7 prix spéciaux. Pour l'Année européenne 2009, un prix européen sera attribué par Luxinnovation.more >
11.06.2009 – 13.06.2009

37th PDA Congress / 1+1=3 Innovation by Design | Stockholm | Sweden

During the 37th PDA Congress in Stockholm we will discuss and analyze further examples of “innovation by design.” A diverse collection of speakers will set the stage for discussion, while a series of workshops will allow us to...more >
11.06.2009 – 11.06.2009

Regions as Catalysts of Open Innovation | Brussels | Belgium

This conference will explore new thinking on improving innovation processes and discuss how Open Innovation can strengthen regional research and innovation capacities. Apart from presenting the state of the art of Open Innovation...more >
11.06.2009 – 13.06.2009

EUROCITIES Culture Forum | Dortmund | Germany

The meeting in Dortmund focuses on the exchange of local cultural policies, creativity and issues of the EUROCITIES Culture Forum.more >
11.06.2009 – 14.06.2009

Seafuture, international exposition of innovations connected to the sea | La Spezia | Italy

The first exposition in the Mediterranean directed to innovation and sea (enterprises, universities, research centres).more >
11.06.2009 – 11.06.2009

CleanTech Innovation Forum | London | UK

A networking event for key individuals in the Clean Technology Sector.more >
10.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

EUNIC’s Creative Cities - Turin | Istituto italiano di cultura - Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Exploring ideas around the creative citymore >
10.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

Greener, better and cheaper. Innovation and creativity as key drivers for sustainable development | Brussels | Belgium

The focus of this Brussels Debate will be on the role of creativity and eco-innovation in dealing with one of Europe’s biggest challenges: sustainable development in the context of the climate change.more >
10.06.2009 – 13.06.2009

EDEN 2009 Annual Conference | Gdansk | Poland

INNOVATION IN LEARNING COMMUNITIES -What did you invent for tomorrow?more >
10.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

Chess, a Game of Creativity and Science | Siena | Italy

Chess and its connections with logics, mathematics and therapy are the focus of this event, organized by ED Siena, in cohoperation with Mens Sana Chess AssociationCentro di Informazione Europe Direct - Siena University and Mens...more >
10.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

Journée de l'Innovation Nord-Isère 2009 | Villefontaine | France

Rendez-vous personnalisés et ateliers avec les partenaires de l'Innovation.more >
10.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

Medical Innovation Forum | London | UK

A networking event for key individuals in the Medical Device Market.more >
09.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

The 'Long-range Research initiative' Innovative Science Award 2009 | Bruxelles | Belgium

The European Chemical Industry offers a €100,000 award to support promising new research in the field of exposure sciences.more >
09.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

YES Execom | Madrid | Spain

"Innovation as the route to sustainable development".Organised by: YES-European Confederation of Young Entrepreneursmore >
09.06.2009 – 10.06.2009

International Conference: 1.Quality Summit in Construction | Istambul | Turkey

The theme of this conference is to focus on quality approaches in construction, innovation, certification and branding. Energy efficiency in buildings and unfair competition.İMSAD Turkish Building Material Producers Association...more >
09.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

First EMUNI Research Souk 2009 - The Euro-Mediterranean Student Research Multi-conference | | Various Countries

The main objective of EMUNI Research Souk is to provide a forum for students to present and discuss their current research.more >
09.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

Innovation Day: initiative involving the high school students of the Como province | |

Innovation Day: initiative involving the high school students of the Como provincemore >
08.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

DMMK Digital Economy | Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg und ewerk Berlin | Germany

DMMK Digital Economy; prestigious speakers and industry experts will discuss the latest trends and perspectives in the Internet and eBusiness sectors.MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH in collaboration with Bundesverband Digitale...more >
08.06.2009 – 21.06.2009

Summer School "Tradition and New Creativity in the Performing arts" | Naples | Italy

Fondazione Campania dei Festivalmore >
08.06.2009 – 09.06.2009

European Regional Economic Forum-EREF 09 /Developing Human Capital and Managing Migration for more Competitive European Regions | Nova Gorica | Slovenia

The theme of this year event is Developing Human Capital and Managing Migration for more Competitive European Regions.more >
06.06.2009 – 06.06.2009

MBA Solvay Alumni Day 2009: Innovation & Creativity | Brussels | Belgium

Exclusive seminar event for MBA Solvay alumni, and corporate network.more >
05.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

Inventology by A7 & Student exchange: a chance for creativity? | Toulouse | France

The theme of these 2 operations is to make discover to students and staff the innovation approach developped at INP-ENSIACETmore >
05.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

Creative Approach Towards Using ICT at School | Wrocław | Poland

National conference aiming to analyze the extent to which modern technology has been used in education so far and identify the possibilities for its future implementation.more >
05.06.2009 – 05.06.2009


Plus qu'un film de cinéma, Home sera un événement mondial: pour la première fois dans l'histoire, ce long-métrage sera en effet montré en même temps dans plus de 50 Pays.more >
05.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

El Jardín de Junio | Madrid | Spain

Last innovations in cognitive neuroscience applied to society languagemore >
05.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

European Climate Teach-In Day 2009 | Virtual | Europewide

Online provision of ready-to-use content fostering real-live climate change lectures at schools/universities europewide, organised by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.more >
04.06.2009 – 04.06.2009

High Level Debate on Innovation & Sustainability | Brussels | Belgium

A debate on the role of innovation in sustainaibility. The event will be open to the public and will involve three senior figures from the EU Commission, industry and NGOs. It is organised by Europe's environmental news and...more >
04.06.2009 – 07.06.2009

KELETEXPO 2009 - Hungarian-Ukrainian Innovation Exhibition and Conference | Nyíregyháza | Hungary

Expo-East Kft.more >
04.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

The 1st Brainpower Forum | La Baule | France

In the framework of the World Investment Conference, Europe+ Foundation launches on 4th June this year a new thematic conference, the 1st Brainpower Forum.more >
04.06.2009 – 06.06.2009

Creative culture and creative cooperation | Algeciras | Spain/ Morocco

EC3 creative party celebrating culture and cooperation between South of Spain and North of Moroccomore >
03.06.2009 – 03.06.2009

Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2009 | Hamburg | Germany

The “Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis” was initiated in order to discover young talent in film and promote that talent's achievement.more >
03.06.2009 – 08.06.2009

Continental Breakfast. The pass 2009 - Fourth CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators from Central Eastern Europe | Venice and Trieste | Italy

A biennial CEI Feature Cultural Event organized with the collaboration of the UNESCO Office Venice-BRESCE. Trieste Contemporanea Committee. Dialogues with the Art of Central Eastern Europemore >
03.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

E-CREATIVE Conference | Venice | Italy

This event, organised during the 53rd Venice Biennale, aims to propose the basis for future projects and to open the network to new partners.more >
03.06.2009 – 03.06.2009

Creativity and innovation, education and awareness of early music among children and young people | Stockholm | Sweden

How to educate and raise awareness of early music among children and young peoplemore >
03.06.2009 – 03.06.2009

Innovation Cities Index 2009 | Various cities | Various countries

Independent 'Open Innovation' scorecard of 256 global cities on 161 criteria - with 100 Innovation Cities awarded globally.more >
02.06.2009 – 02.06.2009

Designing strategy: building succesful brand driven innovation strategies | Brussels | Belgium

Design Vlaanderenmore >
01.06.2009 – 04.06.2009

Een Dag am Betrib/ visites d'entreprise | | Luxembourg

La Fédération des Jeunes Dirigeants d'Entreprise de Luxembourg organise cette journée pour mettre en réseau les responsables d’entreprises avec les enseignants du secondaire et du secondaire technique.more >
01.06.2009 – 01.06.2009

Application deadline for EU Youth in Action Programme | |

Archimedes Foundation; Estonian National Agency for Youth in Action Programmemore >
01.06.2009 – 30.06.2009

Photo Competition | Various Cities | Belgium

EPOS vzwmore >
01.06.2009 – 19.06.2009

“colours” | | World wide

Call to young people: Take photos of unicouloured objects in their environment with a mobile phone or a digital cameramore >
01.06.2009 – 05.06.2009

Week@ESI | Zamudio | Spain

The theme of this Congress is a meeting point for all players involved in improving competitiveness in the Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT) more >
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