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Welcome to the press section of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

Brussels, 17/12/2009
Teachers in Europe believe that creativity is fundamentally important at school and that ICT can help enhance it


Brussels, 16/12/2009
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launches the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)


Brussels, 16/12/2009
Create. Innovate. Grow: Closing Conference of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation


Brussels, 04/12/2009
Patents: EU achieves political breakthrough on an enhanced patent system


Brussels, 26/11/2009
Digitised books, digital libraries and media literacy on the agenda at the Council of Ministers in charge of Culture and Audiovisual Policy


Brussels, 26/11/2009
Young people and the future of Europe's education systems: creative solutions found in 24h


Brussels, 25/11/2009
Educational reform in the EU: much has been achieved, but much remains to be done


Brussels, 24/11/2009
Commission launches consultation on EU 2020: a new strategy to make the EU a smarter, greener social market


Brussels, 24/11/2009
Students compete in marathon 24-hour challenge set by the European Commission


Brussels, 19/11/2009
Brussels debate - Towards a creative Europe: what role for the creative industries?


Brussels, 12/11/2009
Remarks by President Barroso at the press conference on the European Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation


Brussels, 12/11/2009
Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation in Europe


Brussels, 10/11/2009
European Year of Creativity and Innovation (EYCI) 2009: Award ceremony of the "Imagine a new world" photo competition


Brussels, 22/10/2009
European Commission launches reflection on a Digital Single Market for Creative Content Online


Brussels, 12/10/2009


Brussels, 06/10/2009
A woman to woman approach to foster entrepreneurship


Brussels, 02/10/2009
Artistic creativity celebrated in Brussels for three days and one night


Brussels, 02/10/2009
OPEN DAYS 2009 - European week of Regions and Cities (5-8 October): gearing up for the biggest event in the EU Regional Policy calendar


Brussels, 30/09/2009
Mastering key technologies to shape the industrial future of the EU


Brussels, 21/09/2009
Midday Express


Brussels, 13/09/2009
“Europe is a cultural project”: Festivals engage through sustainable partnerships


Belgium, 7/09/2009
Macbeth, le nouveau spectacle de Declan Donnellan au Théâtre de Namur
Macbeth, Declan Donnellan's world première in Namur 


Belgium, 7/09/2009
MEDEA Awards 2009: Deadline approaching


Brussels, 2/09/2009
European innovation policy- successes but also new challenges


Brussels, 17/06/2009
Commission sets new information society challenge: Becoming literate in new media


Brussels, 17/06/2009
The European Commission challenges you to "Imagine a new world" through photography


Brussels, 17/06/2009
Twelve European Authors receive the European Union Prize for Literature


Brussels, 10/06/2009
Brussels Debate: How green can Europe become through creativity and innovation?


Maastricht, 29/05/2009
Get in touch with Creativity and Innovation 


Brussels, 28/05/2009
Can creativity be measured?


Brussels, 14/05/2009
The best European cultural heritage projects 2009


Brussels, 13/05/2009
Promoting entrepreneurs means creating jobs


Brussels, 13/05/2009
Brussels Debate: Innovation and Creativity to improve public sector


Brussels, 12/05/2009
Commission welcomes agreement by the Member States to intensify their cooperation in education and training


Brussels, 11/05/2009
La commissaire européenne Viviane Reding se félicite du succès des films européens à Cannes et appelle au renforcement de la distribution du cinéma européen dans le monde


Brussels, 6-14/05/2009
European SME week to boost entrepreneurship in difficult times


Brussels, 28/04/2009
European Inventors of the year: Gifted guardians of life and the enironment


Brussels, 27/04/2009
A new era of EU youth policies


Varna, 26/04 - 03/05/2009
European Atelier for Young Festival Manager


Brussels, 20-21/04/2009
Young people discuss Europe's creative regions and cities


Brussels, 30/03/2009
Public debate on the future of education in Europe


Brussels, 25/03/2009
A Manifesto for creativity and innovation in Europe? The Ambassadors for the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 deliberate


Brussels, 23/03/2009
Juries set up in 12 countries to select authors for the first European Union Prize for Literature


Brussels, 16/02/2009
Brussels Debates of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 (EYCI 2009) take off


Brussels, 10/02/2009
Five finalists announced for the European Union prize for contemporary architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2009


Brussels, 5/02/2009
European Urban Day: Commissioner Hübner highlights €30 billion boost for cities


Brussels, 5/02/2009
Europe's universities and businesses get together


Brussels, 22/01/2009
European Innovation Scoreboard 2008: Summary of the situation in the 27 Member States


Brussels, 21/01/2009
First arts-focused event of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (EYCI) 2009


Brussels 20/01/2009
President Barroso discusses how to boost "social innovation"


Brussels, 20/01/2009
AEC and ELIA organise artistic launch of the EU Year for Creativity & Innovation 2009


Brussels, 08/01/2009
Boosting Creativity and Innovation in Europe: Official launch of the European Year 2009 in Prague


Brussels, 05/01/2009
Official launch of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009


Brussels, 05/12/2008
Media launch of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009


Brussels, 23/09/2008
2009 to be designated European Year of Creativity and Innovation


Brussels, 31/03/2008
Commission proposes 2009 to become European Year of Creativity and Innovation

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