Background Information

The European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 promotes the objectives defined in the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on key competences for lifelong learning. Key competences are a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context. They are particularly necessary for personal fulfilment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment. According to the recommandation, key competences should be acquired by young people before the end of their compulsory education and training, equipping them for adult life, particularly for working life, whilst forming a basis for further learning; and by adults throughout their lives through a process of developing and updating skills.

Furthermore the Year also supports the broad- based innovation strategy for the EU which states that Europe must become an innovation-based society. Its main objective is to lay down a framework for promoting all types of innovation and encouraging the development of innovation-friendly lead markets. The broad-based innovation strategy is built on the belief that the EU has an exceptional but under-exploited innovation potential.

Accordingly the European Year 2009 follows the Council Resolution on new skills for new jobs. This resolution underlines the need for added-value advisory mechanisms to strengthen the identification of new types of jobs and skill needs at the European level, making use of existing sectoral skills activities and projects under lifelong learning, entreprise and social dialogue policies.

In terms of education policy, the European Year 2009 has also been designed to push forward the European policy cooperation in Education and Training,
confronting the challenges of how to integrate the different elements and policy challenges across and between different dimensions and levels of education and training; and  of how to integrate education and training issues with the broader socio-economic debate under Lisbon.

Finally the European Year 2009 is also in line with the European agenda for culture in a globalizing world.

This agenda furthers a more structured system of cooperation and concrete priorities aiming at the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; promoting culture as a catalyst for creativity in the framework of the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs; and promoting culture as a vital element in the European Union's international relations.

Find out about the legal basis of European Year 2009 here.

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