Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education and Training

The aim of the project is to identify existing policies and programmes that promote learning about entrepreneurship within vocational training systems.
Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education and Training

Entrepreneurship is meant as a combination of mindsets and skills, therefore programmes and courses will be considered that address both aspects. The project focuses on the systems of formal education and training, and on teaching entrepreneurship to young people.

This project considers initial vocational education, taking place in the framework of the formal education and training systems The levels of education considered are corresponding to upper secondary vocational education (level ISCED 3) and post-secondary non-tertiary education (level ISCED 4). However training for particular occupations can also take place at tertiary level in some countries, and the boundaries between the post-secondary and tertiary levels are not always clearly defined. Therefore, depending on the specific situation in individual countries, level ISCED 5B is also taken into account.

The age of students participating to initial vocational education varies depending on the national systems: it could range approximately from 14 years to 29 years.

Lessons are drawn on how public policies can support the teaching of entrepreneurship within vocational training. Information on existing programmes and teaching methods has been gathered. Good practice are highlighted on how the teaching of entrepreneurship can be effectively addressed in vocational education.


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