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Mirko Zorman,
The National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
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All year long activities - the promotion and awareness of the importance of Creativity and Innovation

In recent years at the Institute for Innovation and Technology with support of several Ministries and Agencies we have established a National Project of creative and dynamic young people, which aim is to encourage innovative ways of working, from the creative thinking to the final outcome - a new product, new services, improved way of working, savings...

Main sector: Science, Research and ICT / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project:


Bank of Tourism Potential in Slovenia

The Bank of Tourism Potential in Slovenia is a mechanism for the exchange of promising and innovative ideas on tourism development and also for matching-up ideas with relevant stakeholders operating in the touristic sector, including financial intermediaries. The initiative has been very successful with several ideas and projects for tourism development that are already being realised.


Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Society


Website of the project:


More information: project file


Elephant: Educational Animation Film Programme for Schools and Families

“Two Reels” Association uses animated films to develop children’s creativity, their technical skills and their ability to relate to the moving images that surround them. They also develop pedagogical material to encourage viewings and discussions about animated films in the classroom. The project aims to use animated films as a tool in education in order to develop technical skills and an
ability to analyse content. It targets children (ages 3-14), young people (ages 14-19), students (ages 19-25) and teachers by using workshops and viewings of animated films accompanied by discussions. A broader aim is to establish an international dialogue on education in animated films, and to encourage and support its independent production.


Main sector: Education and training / Other sectors: Arts and creative industry


Websites of the project:,


More information: project file


Enzim - Seminar on Graphic Design

Emzin Institute of Creative production organises twice a year a three-day seminar to promote creativity and innovation in graphic design. Enzim seminar is organised around a series of lectures, real-life examples and practical workshops. The event is open to students and professionals operating in visual communication related fields and brings together world-famous graphic designers, providing a unique opportunity for training and professional development. The seminar has a strong focus on interdisciplinary, social and environmental responsibility, and participatory learning through workshops.


Main sector: Arts and creative industry / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship, Education and Training, Society


More information: project file


Contest for young people - Eureka! Mladi

The basic philosophy of Project Eureka! Mladi is to support young people and their mentors in creative and innovative work.

 For all the creative and those looking for new challenges, the two contests under one name Eureka! Mladi are prepared. The purpose of the first Eureka! Ideje mladih is to encourage young people to start thinking on new challenges and what could be improved or even made from scratch. It is important that the participants perceived the everyday problems and try to find original solutions. The other contest Eureka! Inovacije mladih, however, seeks to draw young people from the anonymity with already more demanding tasks and motivating them to innovate, from the creative thinking through the research-development work to the prototype and the final result - a new product, new services, improved working methods, new teaching device, the novelty at the school, the savings…


Website of the project :


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