Eat The Language - Cookery Classes

25.05.09 – 29.05.2009
Eat the Language, cookery class, is a unique venture offered to the public. It combines language learning with the culinary arts of India, France, Germany and different countries, that not only create a healthy and appetizing interest in the gastronomy of the target language, but also give the participant the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the country of the target language. Languages, gastronomy and culture go hand in hand and it is believed at the English Chat Cafe that from these cookery classes/dinners the participants also learn cultural tolerance as they are exposed to a rich cultural diversity through the cookery classes. The in house chef/teacher is British of Bangladeshi origen, Fatima Zaman. Fatima strongly believes that language learning should not be confined to the four walls of a classroom but should have a practical outdoor approach too, that at the same time is compatible with consumer needs.

Eat the Language Cookery Class is a creative, innovative and responsible way of offering language learning to the public that also teaches cultural tolerance to the participants, without doubt a lifelong tool which can be applied to their everyday lives and working environments. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity to the public to live a different language learning experience that is not confined to the traditional classroom. Students learn to SPEAK the target language in a real life situation guided by their host Teacher/Chef. Prior to Eat the Language, the students are given worksheets that have to be studied before attending which include vocabulary, useful phrases, a recipe and the origen of the recipe. The students observe a demonstration of how one of the dishes are prepared with the ingredients and very enthusiastically ask appropiate questions related to the recipe (always in the target language). They then proceed to the dining room where they enjoy a 3 course meal and a themed conversation with the other members of the group and their Chef/Teacher. The most popular cookery class is Indian. Indian cuisine being a favourite in Great Britain, the students learn about the positive contribution of immigration and the rich cultural diversity that exists in Great Britain. The English Chat Cafe feels that there is much concern about the growing number of immigrants arriving by boat on Spain´s southern beaches. In teaching the students about multicultural Britain, France and Germany through Eat The Language, an awareness that immigrants from other cultures can contribute positively to the European culture is created. Eat the Language grows and develops the students and at the same time improves their language skills in pleasant comfortable surroundings. Indeed, this is a more learner-focused model based on the learner´s active involvement in the interpretation of language learning. The English Chat Cafe believes that this initiative will and is creating a cultural awareness within society, which is indispensible to live in harmony in a society that is becoming more and more colourful and diverse each day. Since English Chat Cafe opened its doors it has been the subject of the press and media on both a local, national and European level. Eat the language: every last Saturday of the month.

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