Throughout the European Year, six debates on key topics around creativity and innovation will be held in cooperation with the European Policy Centre (EPC), special partner of the Year. The debates are designed to provide a platform for reflection and exchange of ideas which can contribute to policy development on creativity and innovation.

In each debate, high level speakers will introduce their views and experience in creativity and innovation. The debates will take place in Brussels.

The topics and the dates may be subject to change, so check this page regularly for updates:

  • Creativity and innovation and the knowledge economy - 16 February 2009
    Debate on how the free movement of knowledge and ideas can both inspire creativity and innovation and contribute to modernising Europe, so that it can better face economic and social challenges. The event will deal especially with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • Education for creativity and innovation - 30 March 2009
    Debate on the importance of education for developing creative, innovative and entrepreneurial societies.
  • Creativity and innovation in the public sector - 13 May 2009 (date to be confirmed)
    Debate focused on innovation in the public sector through innovation of processes as well as integration of technologies, for example in the fields of health, education and social services.
  • Creativity and innovation and sustainable development - 10 June 2009 (date to be confirmed)
    Debate on eco-innovation with particular attention to climate change, security of energy supply and the issue of innovation and job-creation
  • Cultural diversity as basis for creativity and innovation - 14 october 2009 (date to be confirmed)
    Debate organised to explore Europe‚Äôs potential for greater creativity by taking account of its intercultural nature.
  • Creative arts and industries - 17 November 2009 (date to be confirmed)
    Debate about the role of the creative arts, including industrial design and development.
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