Launch of the Edward de Bono European Programme for Creativity and Innovation

To support European commitment to creativity and innovation primarily amongst young people by fomenting an entrepreneurial spirit. It also empowers European Public Administration/ organisations to achieve creative operacy.
Launch of the Edward de Bono European Programme for Creativity and Innovation

The programme is divided into 4 main parts:

The Edward de Bono European Awards for Creativity and Innovation 2009, a European contest for young people in Europe, either individually, as a class-group, or with the support of their teacher to submit online and 'free of charge', an innovative idea, from which the best ideas will be put forward for regional, national and European award consideration. All ideas need to be submitted to the official website below by 15 November 2009.

A number of regional half-day Creativity Workshops in Schools, where young people can learn more about creativity and innovation and how they can use creativity and innovation to positively influence and change economic, social and cultural aspects of their lives.

A number of regional "25 Creative Regional Leaders" training programmes, targeted to 25 regional leaders chosen from regional government experts, education professionals and regional leaders (CEOs, journalists). The training programme is based on "Six Hats" to be delivered by authorised de Bono Thinking Systems trainers.

The European Awards Ceremony is to be held in December 2009, in a European city to be confirmed, with Edward de Bono being the chief protagonist, as Ambassador to the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009.

The Programme is financed by Regional and National Governments willing to host workshops and the awards scheme, as well as Private sponsors willing "to make ideas happen".


To submitt ideas and for more information:





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