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Creativity Festival for disabled persons - "Creativity without barriers"

The “Creativity Festival for disabled persons - Creativity without barriers" is an annual event organised by the NGO T•cza (Rainbow). It is an event gathering all the associations working with disabled people together with the public authorities of the Szczecin region. The festival is a creative event encouraging disabled children and teenagers to show their potential and skills. The artistic activities empower the participants and provide them with a role to play within the social and artistic life of the region. Moreover, the Festival raises the awareness of the local population about the issue of disability.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Education and Training, Business and Entrepreneurship, Public Administration

Website of the project: www.tecza.org.pl

More information: project file


Introducing regulations on Intellectual Property Protection and Management within the Jagiellonian University

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków has developed and implemented a project to protect and manage intellectual property.
The Jagiellonian University in Kraków aimed to address the following problems:

· The lack of clear procedures related to the protection of intellectual property rights within the University and related to the technology transfer to businesses
· The unclear legal status of new technologies invented
within the University

These two factors constituted a barrier for scientists and students applying for patents.

Main sector: Science, Research and ICT / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship, Public Administration

Website of the project: www.cittru.uj.edu.pl

More information: project file


The Art of Saying NO

Precautionary actions promoting healthy lifestyle and addiction prevention are the key concepts of a project called The Art of Saying NO. Through artistic and theatrical forms of expression, the school engages young people into preventive activities for fighting against addictive substances. Pupils’ active participation constitutes the core of the whole concept, therefore youngsters are dynamically encouraged to artistically express their fears and desires when it comes to drugs or alcohol, to arrange performances and happenings in front of the local community, to keep regular records in the form of written reports, films and photographs, and, most of all, to promote the idea of mutual help and support for those in trouble among the teenagers themselves.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry


I teach humanly

The aim of the project is to raise the effectiveness of teaching and learning through establishing a proper teacher-pupil-parent relationship. By adopting a fresh approach to a number of sociopsychological issues such as “old” discipline or “new” electronic violence, the authors of the project want to reveal the root of the problems and to offer innovative solutions to deal with them. The key concept is to promote progressive, oriented to human values school education and tutorial, based on a solid foundation of clear requirements, fair assessment, mutual trust and positive emotions working as factors leading to success, at the same time being in accordance with recommendations of National Curriculum.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.e-dos.org/uczepoludzku


Get active, dude!

Włocławek Fight Club – Judo Section inaugurated a long-term project aimed, most of all, at the integration of disabled children with their peers when training judo together. Those participating in the initiative have a chance to benefit enormously since these unique meetings allow to learn how to be physically active all year long, how to break the barriers between physically healthy and disadvantaged children, how to shape young people’s character so that they understand and respect otherness as well as overcome their psychological obstacles and accept their own disability. The meetings take the form of extracurricular classes within the fight club and are taught by qualified and experienced judo instructors.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project: http://www.wloclawekjudo.ugu.pl


Creativity in education, society, business

Leslaw Paga Foundation 2065 supports talented people, who, despite their young age, generate new ideas and solutions thanks to their creative rebellion and protest against reality as it is. The aim of the project is provoking a debate on the role of creativity in education, in society and in business. The debate is to result in creating a discussion platform for political, media and business actors, whose shared ideas are supposed to assign priorities and direction of activities fostering creativity-driven economy growth. Not only does the project include the debate but also workshops focused on creative thinking and problem solving addressed both to young people and institution representatives. Their cooperation is to hammer out new approaches to challenges they face, and, above all, put them into practice.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.paga.org.pl


E-theatre.tv Katowice

The art of theatre, for long a domain of a theatres only, now has been transferred to the internet, the fastest medium nowadays. In an easy and accessible way e-theatre.tv Katowice promotes one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. This Web project aims at building up from the very beginning an editorial office and internet portal which would gather and distribute films concerning theatre and report on current cultural events in the region. What is more, the internet theatre.tv would also speak about Silesian art as well as discover the backstage by presenting directors, actors and audiences.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.katowice.e-teatr.tv


Develop your creativity

One of the psychological support institutions in the eastern Poland observed the unsatisfactory number and scope of local actions oriented to developing talents and creativity among children and young people. The answer for this shortage was a project aimed at stimulating young people’s imagination in order to highlight the importance of creativity and innovation for personal development. Within the project, a conference was held, which was primarily focused on the promotion of talents of young people. What followed the conference were three types of workshops addressed to pupils, teachers and parents, during which the target groups were sensitized to the concepts of creative thinking.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.ppp-wlodawa.w.interia.pl



To ensure children’s safety in the Web, Minigogle.pl – a child-safe Internet browser was started. Due to the fact that the age of small internauts has been gradually going down, putting 5-6-year-olds even in front of the screen, there is a constant need for a guarded web browser which offers a selection of websites directed to young Internet users and blocks these of strictly adult theme. Before a website is added to Minigogle.pl, it is verified in terms of addressees and contents so that the pages are relevant to children's needs and comprehension ability. The project constitutes a common work of the administrators, parents and, most of all, children. They all can expand and modify the browser by adding new links or suggesting changes.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.minigogle.pl


Educational language portal Yummy.pl was created with a view to children – to stimulate their imagination, to support their constant development and to help them learn foreign languages in natural ways. Teaching method of a game, adjusted to the child’s age, allows to “smuggle” educational contents in attractive ways. The portal offers positively motivating language games, which are dubbed by voices of children-native speakers. On account of its educational and entertaining dimension, Yummy.pl constitutes a didactic tool which may be of help to teachers and schools as well as it enables children to learn foreign languages when playing at home.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.yummy.pl


Tequesta Preschool

Versatile child development supported by personalised learning responsive to the diverse needs and abilities of individual pupils and preparing them to primary school education as well as ensuring the youngest safe environment, conducive to creative thinking and aesthetic sensitivity, are all the aims of the programme entitled “Tequesta Preschool”. Embracing children at the ages of 1 to 5, it enables them to actively participate in numerous workshops, outdoor events, plays as well as didactic games and exercises. By employing cooperation with parents, the programme pursues an objective of subtle directing little boys and girls so that they enter society equipped with openness, self-reliance adequate to age and eagerness to learn.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.tequesta.pl


The chest full of secrets

The Museum of History and Archeology in Elbląg initiated a project "Chests full of secrets" (Skrzynia pełna tajemnic) which aims at popularising historical knowledge among pupils of primary, secondary and upper secondary schools. Creatively enough, the museum decided to take exhibits...out of the museum and bring them to schools so that they can play a role of an innovative didactic tool. Through direct contact with old photographs, maps, volumes, faithful copies of precious museum pieces – all tucked in vintage wooden chests – pupils are expected to become more eager to expand their knowledge and learn history both in class and during more frequent visits to museums.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.muzeum.elblag.pl

The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gda•sk

The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gda•sk is a long-term project, which created a permanent collection of works of art within the urban space and facilitated the social and architectural transformation of the Lower City district. The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gda•sk also strengthened social cohesion through the organisation of artistic workshops incorporating elements of dance, plastic arts and vocal training for children and adults. The project can be considered as a milestone in the long-term process of revitalisation and transformation of the Lower City district of Gda•sk.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Education and Training, Society

Website of the project: www.laznia.pl

More information: project file


Your Open Career

To sensitise pupils and teachers to the necessity of careful planning a professional career is the aim of the project "Your open career". Addressed to the school environment of Świętokrzyskie district, with a particular emphasis laid on special and integration schools, the project intends to stress the role of a teacher in stimulating pupils to discover their own capacities as well as the role of a pupil in future career planning. Free of charge workshops cover a range of topics related to professional life including: occupations and their features, techniques for discovering and developing personal talents and interests, links between school subjects and future prospects jobs. The workshops intend to show how to create the career and employment opportunities and to use the acquired knowledge in practice.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.wom.kielce.pl


Regional Network of Promotion and Transfer of Technologies in Silesia district

Continuous improvements and innovative solutions which support the initiative of cooperation between the R&D sector and local companies are the central objective of the "Regional Network of Promotion and Transfer of Technologies in Silesia District". As the exchange of information between scientists and entrepreneurs makes an essential tool to promote innovation in the business sector, a series of events and actions, such as meetings with representatives of both sectors, seminars, conferences or exhibitions of new technologies, are undertaken within the project. Equipped with new information and knowledge, those involved in running their own enterprises should be better able to cope with the market and R&D workers – to assist the business sector by providing useful knowledge and feasible solutions.

Main sector: Science, Research and ICT / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: www.rsptt.pl


Alienated parents read for children

Children with a broken-family background are now frequently read to by parents who fight with parental alienation resulting from the court's verdict. The third edition of the action "Alienated parents read for children" aims at promoting and popularising reading among children, especially these raised with only one parent and exposed to emotional violence. Within the action, a number of meetings, contests and games are arranged, during which mums and dads, through storytelling, reading and playing games, actively spend time with their kids. Educational activities are accompanied by a seminar directed to the parents themselves as well as other people involved, where discussions on the related issues take place, enabling the participants to come up with new ideas to face the problem.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project: www.kpor.pl


The Peasant's School of Business

An educational game inspired by the 18th century economic prosperity days of Andrychów, a mediaeval town near Kraków, teaches teenagers how to deal with the contemporary market economy. Due to its didactic dimension, it is primarily directed to pupils of secondary and upper secondary schools engaging them into the world of the prosperous historical trade in the meantime familiarising them with crucial concepts of economy culture. In role play used in the classroom, pupils are transfigured into enterprising local peasant merchants, whose task is to achieve financial success, depending, though, upon their ability to combine competitiveness and cooperation. The game, in innovative way, incorporates both historical and economical knowledge enabling the pupils to discover their potential and act on their own entrepreneurial initiative.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: http://www.mik.krakow.pl/chlopska-szkola-biznesu.html


Understanding Water - Water Tower

An innovative initiative “Understanding Water” born and gradually developed in Leszno aims at a full-scale renovation of an old water tower and its adaptation into an educational centre. Historical value of the tower motivates local authorities to save it from destruction and re-establish its functionality. Accordingly, the centre’s educational offer would base on natural sciences. The didactic method, chosen to be adopted, called eduitainment combines education and entertainment enabling especially the young visitors to put theoretical knowledge they acquire at school into practice. They would be able to do it in numerous interactive spots allowing them to conduct by themselves their previously designed experiments. A planetarium, several labs and workshops accompanied by a variety of short-term exhibitions are intended to be open permanently.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry

Website of the project: www.mpwik-leszno.pl


Innovation Coalition

A multitude of participants gathers together to undertake an ambitious venture. Institutions which belong to the business environment such as R&D units, NGOs as well as MPs, delegates from a number of ministries and academics together with representatives of the world of science and technology, SME actors, students and young activists unite their powers in order to improve and reinvigorate economy in Poland. Four discussion sessions and conferences introduce innovative projects financed by the State, raise a question of the condition of the Polish science and its institutions and present national and international achievements constituted on account of adopting innovative solutions.

Main sector: Public Administration / Other sectors: Society, Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: www.rgjbr.org.pl


Creativity and Innovation in Business. From a Concept to Success

Marketers and managers in SME and big companies as well as all interested in familiarizing with creative thinking techniques and innovative approaches to work philosophy are welcomed to participate in a two-day workshop. Primarily, the training intends to address the psychological sphere of human cognition by focusing on the significance of the senses for the creative thinking process, adopting and maintaining positive attitude towards innovations or overcoming barriers in daring to be inventive. As a natural continuation, the workshops suggest specific strategies enabling the participants to apply methods and techniques of creative work. During the training days, they are expected not only to acquire and enhance their knowledge, but also share their experience with others.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry

Website of the project: http://www.conceptlabs.pl/szkolenia/kreatywnosc-i-innowacyjnosc-w-biznesie.html


School with Class – a report on didactic and organizational innovations in Polish schools

A long-term nationwide project-competition "Szkoła z klasą" (School with Class) initiated in 2002 is now being assessed and summarized. The results of this evaluation are to be accumulated in a handbook entitled "Akcja społeczna Szkoła z Klasą jako strategia zmiany polskiej szkoły" (Social Action School with Class as a Strategy for Changing Polish School). The aim of the publication is to present and promote the achievements of the most successful teachers participating in the project during its six editions. In particular, the handbook will point at everyday school practice, lesson plans and teaching methods. Not only, however, will the book offer methodological advice focused on pupil development, but it will also be a guide on how to ensure teacher cooperation, create and improve school culture and build social capital.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.szkolazklasa.pl


MediaShake – workshops for young journalists

“Debates on the future of journalism, opinions of experts, strong resolutions and positive energy” – the prospective participants of the event are promised all these. The substantial benefit they are expected to gain during MediaShake is acquiring additional qualifications and heightening their capacity for playing an important role of a journalist in a civic society. During the number of workshops and discussion sessions, scheduled for more than 20 hours and including meetings with experts, the addressees aged between 18 and 26 with little or no experience will be inspired to consider professional standards and ethical issues of journalism as well as its role of a stimulus to social initiatives in information society. In addition, they will be able to involve in all the stages of a publication preparation.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project: www.mediashake.pl



Report: Technological Parks

Business vortal IPO.pl undertakes a task of preparing, issuing, promoting and distributing a wide-ranging bilingual report on the institution of technological parks (TP) in Poland. What is to fill the content of the report ranges from the very definitions of the TP, through the purposes and methods of their activity, followed by the presentation and familiarization of the prospective national and foreign investors with the TP offers on the Polish market. The main goal of the project, which educates and encourages the SME representatives to use solutions opening the market, is expected to be achieved on account of an exhaustive and accessible information kit on the efficacious and capacity building qualities of the technological parks.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.ipo.pl


Little Engineer - workshops for school children

What is fire? Why does tea change its color after adding some lemon to it? The phenomena commonly accepted without asking for explanations are now questioned and examined by school pupils in Poznan and Warsaw. Courses aimed at inspiring children and stimulating their imagination focus on robotics and chemical and physical puzzles. By engaging a number of undemanding tools such as wooden boards, glass jars, Lego building bricks and by conducting simple chemical experiments, the courses enable little scientists to produce soap, to make water flow upwards or to build a robot. Moreover, the participants are invited to tackle more advanced computer tasks such as creating software to animate their hand-made robots. Having approached a good deal of technology and natural sciences, children will be more likely to opt for these fields in their future career choices.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Science Research and ICT

Website of the project: www.malyinzynier.pl



a piece of garden(ing art)

Fascinated with the art of gardening and unsatisfied with its limited application in Poland, several architecture graduates conceived a project which is to promote modern trends in garden design and green areas. Their action includes developing a design of a small plant-by-yourself garden and preparing its launch in 2010. The project tasks, scheduled for the nearest future, focus on a detailed research in this field and the development of particular elements of the plan such as a publication of a series of articles referring to the art of gardening, formulating the first version of a garden design catalogue and establishing contacts regarding the future distribution of the product.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Science Research and ICT

Website of the project: www.pracowniak.pl



ClearWeb takes the form of open, free of charge multidimensional gatherings concentrated on the Internet industry and its needs and concerns. The objective of the meetings is to spread and share knowledge necessary for successful activity on the Web. Questions raised during the sessions regard up-to-date legal acts, the influence of the Internet on society or opportunities for synergy between science and business. Hitherto issued presentations on e.g. project management, Internet advertising, the idea of SaaS, Augmented Reality, usability and the development of the Internet browsers are the result of a number of ClearWeb lectures and discussion forums followed by networking on a less official ground.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Science Research and ICT

Website of the project: http://clearweb.pl


"Take a tack to finance" – Finance Academy for manpower in Łódzkie district

The project directed to everyone eager to develop their qualifications in the field of financial issues, with a special emphasis laid on professionally active people aged 45 and above. Not only will those participating in the Academy seminars and lectures have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge in economy, but they will also develop and adjust their skills and competences to the needs of the market. Successful completing of the one-and-a-half years long course will motivate to a broad use of the acquired knowledge in practice and lead to heightening the job status of the participants. As the main stimuli to this initiative are socio-economical deficiencies, the entire Academy will function in an advisory and supporting capacity and will be free of charge.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: http://www.phin.pl


New Horizons of Film Education

New Horizons of Film Education is a project aimed at stimulating creative thinking among school students at all levels by inviting them to cinemas. Attracting thousands of pupils with its activities, the project uses film to open their minds and promote openness to cultural diversity and tolerance toward 'different' others. What is more, thanks to lectures given by experts, art workshops for the youngest participants and discussion sessions for the teenage ones, New Horizons teaches students how to find links between film and other forms of expression such as literature, painting, architecture, etc. and recognize concerns of the modern world. By showcasing independent and noncommercial productions, the sessions aim to foster students’ awareness and critical thinking.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Education and Training

Website of the project: www.edukacja.nowehoryzonty.pl



Four series of interdisciplinary arts workshops in the fields of acting, movement, multimedia, costume design, sound and improvisation, street forms and animation run by professional instructors from France, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Participants of the workshops include students of schools of arts and humanities, culture animators and people particularly interested in these subjects from Poland and abroad. Practical skills acquired during the workshops will later be applied in the participants’ work with youth groups. The organisers hope the project will help to boost the cultural competences of the local community.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Education and Training, Society

Website of the project: www.zdarzenia.com.pl


See more, know more, experience more… on the right and left bank of the Brda river

The project includes thematic plenary sessions and multimedia competitions aiming to promote historical and contemporary relations between the river and towns situated at its banks. On the basis of the knowledge acquired during the project young people will be able to create and present images of their towns in the future. At an open meeting teenagers from different towns situated along the river will share their ideas and project results and present the values of the river as they see them in different parts of the region. The project aims to promote integration and arouse responsibility for the future of the region. It also hopes to promote local heritage and establish the region as a friendly place for the young.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Education and Training



Open Gardens

Organised in the space of private gardens, a festival promoting heritage and environment preservation at the local level starts on 30 May 2009. The festival events aim to improve the awareness of local heritage, promote harmonious development and ecology and integrate local communities around culture and tradition. They offer local communities, used to events organised centrally by public institutions, a new perspective of participating in culture.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry

Website of the project: www.otwarteogrody.pl



On 30th May 2009, a new multifunctional workshop room dedicated to creative leisure time will open in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun. Unique furniture has been designed by Tomek Rygalik. Located on the ground floor, STUDIO+KITCHEN will offer space for discussion meetings, music events and artistic actions. It is also going to be a place for friends to meet for informal chats. The first site-specific space of that type in Poland, it will serve as the gallery’s community space which is, at the same time, a display of contemporary design.
The designer has abandoned the straightforwardness of everyday objects, furnishing the room with sculpture-like tables, benches and seats. The arrangement of objects will ensure that the room serves its function as a meeting place while being a site-specific design project. The concept has been inspired by the architecture of favelas (widespread shanty towns growing around the cities in Brazil with buildings constructed of the cheapest materials, mostly recovered from other buildings or rubbish dumps) and the idea of creative recycling. With time the objects will be moved and reappropriated they will wear out.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry

Website of the project: http://csw.torun.pl


Aula Polska – Polish Auditorium

The main objective of Polish Auditorium, an educational project initiated in 2007, is to stimulate the development of new technologies through promotion of enterprising culture. Repetitively verified method of developing the project are regular meetings offering the lectures given both by seasoned entrepreneurs and infant businessmen, followed by casual lobby discussions. The sessions primarily group the founders of start-ups who implement innovative solutions based on the Internet, but they also attract programmers, managers, bloggers and fans of new technologies and investment trusts. Polish Auditorium, as one of the first barcamp activities in Poland supporting integration between the parallel lines of business, enables them to share experience, establish new coalitions and projects and, on a larger scale, build information society.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: www.aulapolska.pl



How to make learning great fun and spark off a genuine interest in science? RoboCAMP are courses in information technology and robotics addressed to primary and lower secondary school children during which they learn the basics of programming along with the basics of machine construction. Children apply their acquired knowledge immediately to design, construct and programme robots. The courses aim to develop the passion of future engineers and gradually introduce them into the world of science and technology giving them a fascinating, hands-on experience. During courses LEGO Mindstorms NXT are used as a new didactic tool.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Science, Research and ICT

Website of the project: http://www.robocamp.pl


World Innovation Days

The week long event features a series of conferences, exhibitions and workshops hosting experts from all over the world. Innovative businesses and companies open their doors to young people. The event has both a scientific and practical character. It integrates experts from all over the world and enables multicultural exchange of the idea of innovation.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Science, Research and ICT

Website of the project: http://umww.pl - http://www.rsi-wielkopolska.pl


Overcoming poverty with comedy

A unique initiative to activate socially excluded backgrounds and deal with social problems. The project envisages a production of a feature film. The cast will be recruited from socially neglected backgrounds, especially young people and the unemployed. They will be offered temporary employment. One of the main benefits of the project will be stimulating motivation and building up the confidence of its participants through teamwork and participation in a creative process till its end result is achieved.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.solidarnapomoc.pl


Cultural daze

First project of that kind in the area, having local scope but an international character. The project aims to promote active participation in local community life, the idea of personal development and alternative ways of spending leisure time. Within the framework of the initiative, several workshops devoted to painting, history and arts, European regions and intercultural and civic education will be organised. One of the key events will be the 'European picnic', during which young people from Mława not participating in the project will be able to meet their European peers.

Main sector: Society / Other sectors: Arts and Creative Industry

Website of the project: http://www.mlawa.pl/


Łódź - the City of Innovation

Having dealt with the overall results of the urban development process, the very central city of Poland becomes determined to get active. The fruit of this determination takes the form of an extensive project called Łódź – the City of Innovation. What constitutes its principal goals are actions that aim at supporting and stimulating development skills and efficiency of small and medium companies as well as propagating cooperation between traders and the scientific sector in order to creatively apply innovative solutions. Concurrently, the promotion of Łódź as a flourishing, innovation-oriented city takes place. There are three simultaneous initiatives embedded in the project: a competition entitled “Łódź Offers – Innovative and Creative”, a number of conferences on innovation issues and a web portal keeping track of the project’s progress.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: www.miastoinnowacji.lodz.pl/


M4 - My City My Place

The participants of the project will prepare a big, open-air theatrical performance for the inhabitants of the city as well as several artistic street happenings.They will participate in a number of workshops run by professionals in the field. High artistic quality of the project events will guarantee the experience of high culture. The project aims to stimulate creativity and activate people from various backgrounds as well as broaden the awareness of historical heritage of the region and develop talents and personal qualities of its participants.

Main sector: Arts and Creative Industry / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.m4.mielec.pl


Physics around us. E-learning physics after class

The originator of the project invites students of a secondary school to broaden their knowledge on “physics around us”. The project is dynamically managed through an educational web based platform Moodle, which enables the course to be taught in the form of online extracurricular classes. Directed towards the students eager to explore physical phenomena experienced everyday, the meetings focus on systematizing and widening the knowledge of physics among the participants. By the broad use of the Internet sources, the course is intended to teach the ability to self-study and to inspire the young discoverers to further research in the field. Not only is the choice of the computer-based classes oriented to theoretical facts on the phenomena, but it also promotes empirical methods of seeking explanations.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.8lo.bialystok.pl/moodle192/



Project Finance.MP3’s intention is to heighten economical awareness among secondary school students of gimnazjum (in the 13-15 age range). By involving the Internet and podcasts as its main educational tools, the project aspires to awaken the teenagers’ economical bent and draw their attention to the traps and opportunities of the financial world. Through a web based educational portal accompanying the project, students are invited to explore freely the information base as well as download to their PCs or mobile phones several multimedia presentations offering advice on such issues as facing the market, managing their own finances, dealing with market offers or investing money. Moreover, Finance.MP3 intends to stimulate the students to involve in the process of the webpage's development by participating in a multimedia contest.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.terazedukacja.pl-a.googlepages.com


Innovators Club

Systematically expanded educational weblog concentrates on providing information on how to introduce and successfully manage the process of innovation in an enterprise. Addressing all the Internet users interested in the issue, in particular prospective innovation managers, Innovators Club intends to serve as a useful source of both theoretical and practical advice. Updated on a regular basis, the blog offers articles describing methods and techniques of promoting creativity among employees as well as interviews with experts and prosperous businessmen who share their knowledge deriving from personal experience. By reporting on innovative solutions and relevant upcoming and past events, Innovators Club allows the blog readers to be onboard with current trends.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Business and Entrepreneurship

Website of the project: www.klubinnowatorow.pl



Extensive educational project addressed to kindergartens and schools promoting the idea of environment protection and in particular selective waste collection. The programme offers an interesting and safe way of boosting the children’s ecological awareness. Educational packets for different age groups contain ready-made lesson plans, games and materials for instructors to develop school projects.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://wtrosceonature.com


Women – SME – Multimedia

Project focusing on the preparation of a conference aimed at SME sector, especially women running their own enterprises.
The main issues include the questions of how to introduce new, creative methods and solutions into organizations management, services, products and technologies. Methods of building project teams and applying lateral thinking into personal and professional life will be presented. The conference agenda features presentations of creative and innovative entrepreneurs and inventors.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.kobiety.pl


E-Learning Proti

Modern learning method adjusted to the needs of Polish children aged 3-10 who have started learning English and have access to the Internet. It is aimed at both institutions and private persons. This innovative learning method might be a complementary tool for standard language classes or might be used as a self-study programme.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://www.proteuss.pl


My confession (Moja Spowiedź)

The initiators of the programme do not consider it sound to wait until school teenagers face alcohol addiction on their own. Therefore, to avert it, they take preventive action aimed at raising awareness among lower and upper secondary school pupils through artistic activities. Preventive policy is promoted through the use of drama role plays, theater practice, artherapy (using art as resocialization technique) in order to sensitise teenagers to such threats of possible consequences of falling into addiction as personality disintegration, socio-professional degradation or entering the path of crime. The dramatic, and thus, expected to influence young people's minds, dimension of the programme includes participating in an AA-like session circulating around semi-real story of a teenage girl bitterly experienced by the treacherous hand of alcohol.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://kontra.freehost.pl


Name the world in English (Nazywanie Świata po Angielsku)

Children of the eastern borderland of Poland, often devoid of a wide enough range of language learning opportunities, have now their natural potential unlocked while being involved in English language activities taking place in the Kindergarten No 5 in Sokółka. Equalizing chances of foreign language learning for the youngest from the areas beyond the mainstream activity network and successfully inculcating a desire of learning English from the early years of age are the crucial aims of the Name the world in English. Who else, apart from children, benefits from the educating wave of this initiative are parents whose involvement in the implementation process constitutes a great deal of the entire project. The innovation of Sokółka kindergarten also highly contributes to the education system in general, mainly by adding a brick in its progressive dimension through developing its concept of continuous improvements, creativity promotion and erasing social barriers in the equal access to education.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: http://przedszkole5.sokolka.blizej.info


Media Kindergarten (Przedszkole Mediów)

Why does a kindergarten have to be open to children only? The Art Center WRO launched a project which shows that it does not. Who may benefit from various forms of active participation in cultural life are children but also parents and pedagogues. The project aims at stimulating and developing creativity through acquainting the partakers with the issues of modern art, media and communication technologies in the act of playing. On account of active involvement in a series of educational workshops, shows and exhibitions addressed to all three target groups, they stand a chance to comprehend and apply into an artistic act both traditional rules such as perspective, light or colour, and modern media technologies fostering critical open-mindedness and alternative forms of interaction.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.wrocenter.pl


Astronomer (Astronom)

To find and light up the stars of academic enterprise, Kielce Technological Park designed and implemented a project entitled Astronomer. Academic knowledge transfer to business sector is the primary objective specified by the project originators who indicate that a special attention ought to be paid to support given to science and business sector to encourage their mutual cooperation. Positive commercialization of scientific knowledge and skills as well as entrepreneurial attitudes among academic workers, alumni and students were promoted within the concepts of the project. Accompanying events such as a conference on the discussed issue, a campaign or celebrating the days for academic enterprise enriched the whole venture considerably.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Science, Research and ICT

Website of the project: www.inkubator.kielce.pl


Matura 2010 - 3D Project (Matura 2010 – Projekt 3D)

A leading concept of a project named "Matura 2010 - 3D project" ("Matura 2010 – 3d project") is a concerted, productive cooperation of secondary school pupils, their parents and teachers, oriented around their main objective – the successful passing of the Matura examination and consequently, undertaking further education compatible with pupil hopes and aspirations. This externally assessed exam taken by the vast majority of prospective graduates at the end of a secondary school plays a decisive role in their future career. Therefore, the project envisages radical change in approach to the preparation process to the 2010 exam with the intention that the next year examinees are ensured the preparation which is carefully planned, conducted in a methodologically effective way by competent teachers, and, finally, resulting with acquiring skills in two crucial areas: subject knowledge and key competences.

Main sector: Education and Training / Other sectors: Society

Website of the project: www.liceum70.x.pl



InnoPomorze equals a campaign for promotion of innovative solutions and enterprising schemes of activity in the region. The campaign’s pivotal target group are entrepreneurs, field scientists and students beginning their adventure with business issues, but all Pomeranians hungry for knowledge in the topic of innovation are also strongly encouraged to benefit from the project. The multitude of recipients will be presented with a range of activities in the local media, billboards, brochures, etc. As a result of the broad area of activities, the campaign expects heightening the general knowledge about the range and access opportunities of the innovative solutions as well as fruitful cooperation between the entrepreneurs and scientists in transferring technological improvements and putting innovations into practice.

Main sector: Business and Entrepreneurship / Other sectors: Science, Research and ICT



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